What exactly is Total Restaurant Management (TRM)?

wand-trm-total-restaurant-managementAt WAND we throw around the term Total Restaurant Management (or TRM for short) quite a bit. Since we’re totally focused on restaurants we often have to remind ourselves that not everyone speaks in terms of TRM.

So we thought it’d be good to take a moment and share exactly what Total Restaurant Management is, and how it benefits restaurants.

What exactly is TRM? At the highest level, TRM gives you visibility and control of the most important aspects of your restaurant operation from any device, anywhere in the world.

Who uses TRM? Part of the magic of TRM is that it works the same for a Franchisor, a Franchisee, or the manager in an individual store—the difference is how much of the restaurant enterprise you have permission to see and control.

So what exactly is it? Drilling down, TRM is a cloud-based SaaS solution – a website where you login and then have complete access to your restaurant including your Digital Menu Boards, Point of Sale Systems and Back Office.

What can you see in TRM? When you log into TRM you can view:

  • What’s being shown to customers on the digital menus in your stores and/or drive-thrus
  • Sales results from POS systems in any restaurant or across all of them, along with comparisons and statistics
  • Current food costs and inventory
  • Updated labor management forecast and payroll

What can you do in TRM? You can conduct a variety of activities in TRM. Here are the top ones:

  • Change your menu prices (instantly on both your indoor and outdoor menus and in your POS)
  • Change your menu content (swap out LTOs and promotional content)
  • Run reports to see your current food and labor costs
  • Create weekly schedules and look for areas of improvement
  • Reduce your food costs using advanced restaurant business intelligence
  • Identify and prevent instances of theft in the restaurant

How long does it take to get TRM set up? It depends on the size of your restaurants, the type of menu you have and the number of integrations you have. Multi-unit restaurant concepts with simpler restaurants such as coffee or ice cream shops can be up in running in a week or two. Quick serve restaurants with multiple LTOs, complicated combos and more meal choices may take longer to plan and install.

What’s the biggest reason to use TRM? To gain a single point of visibility and control.  Managing a restaurant concept can be incredibly challenging because of all the different types of system and technologies that are used. With TRM there’s a single point of control so you don’t have to manage your menus, POS or your back office separately.

What can you do with TRM mobile? At WAND we often refer to “TRM Mobile” which is simply TRM used on your mobile device. It is the same platform that is used on your desktop. However, we know people in the restaurant industry are constantly on-the-go so the mobile version allows you to change and manage your restaurant easily wherever you are.

One of the biggest opportunities in the restaurant industry (and in all industries actually) is the need to streamline technology. TRM is built to make it easier for restaurants to do this.