What Qualities Does it Take to be a WAND Rock Star? It All Comes Down to Values

Recently my leadership team had our annual planning retreat. As part of this retreat we always re-iterate WAND Rock Stars core values. It got me thinking about values and the incredibly strong role they play not only in shaping growing companies like ours, but how critical they are in the Quick Service and Fast Casual restaurants.

WAND Rock StarsGiven the competitive nature of these restaurants it’s imperative to employ values from the top down that create the best customer experience possible. I thought I’d use this post today to share the four WAND values and what they mean for us and our company.

1. Integrity. Build a foundation of trust through honesty and integrity. Integrity is our number one value because it’s everything to who we are. Integrity means being honest and truthful, but it also means being direct and straightforward. I don’t know if because we’re in Minneapolis and we have the “Minnesota Nice” syndrome, but I’ve found it’s sometimes hard for people to say what they’re thinking. At WAND we ask our employees to speak their mind professionally and respectfully. It has gone a long ways towards keeping us focused and on the right track with our business.

2. Commitment. To our customers, our teams and our company. It is so important to have employees who are committed to your company. And by commitment I’m not necessarily talking about people working 80 hours a week or insanely stressed out to get a job done. I’m talking about being committed to doing the best job they can in the time they are working here for themselves, for us and for our customers. Commitment goes a long way.

3. Drive.Push ourselves and our company to get better every day.Unfortunately, there are many businesses where complacency has set in and permeates the culture. We’ve all seen it, the employees who do the bare minimum to get the job done. At WAND we look for employees who will push themselves and us as leaders to go above and beyond what we thought was possible. These are people who don’t just talk the talk, but show by their actions they want to find better, smarter ways to do things.

4. Positive Attitude.Positivity is infectious and shows for those who truly want to be here. No one wants to work with a bunch of negative people. An environment where people complain and are unhappy is not a fun place for anyone. We work hard to create a positive environment and ensure positivity exists throughout the organization.

These values are part of what make the WAND team and culture so special; we hire to them, we review to them, and if necessary, we terminate according to them. It’s one of the main reasons that have allowed us to be recognized as a Best Place to Work Put simply, great colleagues are what make a great workplace. And having strong core values that build a great culture is what makes this happen.