Icons_POSMinneapolis, MN (April 1, 2016) – WAND Corporation, the leader in restaurant point of sale, digital menus and back office system, is pleased to announce the introduction of Jedi, a completely touch free point of sale system. The new POS system revolutionizes the restaurant ordering and payment process by allowing the customer to place their order and make their payment simply by communicating via brainwaves to the restaurant clerk who then sends the order to the POS via mindware for processing.

“Simply put, Jedi is about to revolutionize the restaurant industry,” says Chuck Gehman, VP of Product Management for WAND Corporation. “It takes the hassle out of the ordering process and POS completely so restaurants can focus their efforts primarily on delivering high quality food.”

Jedi works via brainwave connectivity and eliminates the need for clerks to exchange dialogue or payments with the customer or with the POS system. Once a customer determines their order they simply communicate it to the clerk with brainwaves who then confirms and processes it in the POS via mindware for a completely touch free (and talk free) process. Thus, the restaurant ordering process is greatly simplified.

“Creating Jedi has been a completely magical experience. We’ve spent hours, and in some cases, days, sitting in conferences room staring at each other to work through the ins and outs of brainwave communication. The end result is an extremely powerful restaurant point of sale system we’re incredibly proud of,” says Gehman.

Jedi is immediately available to restaurant owners and operators in North America. Demos can requested from wandcorp.com at any time.

About WAND Corporation

WAND Corporation is the global technology leader for the restaurant industry partnered with the most well-known and world-class brands in the business. Delivering on our mission to be the greatest restaurant management and technology partner in the world, WAND delivers Digital Menu Board, Point of Sale and Back Office through the next generation cloud-based Total Restaurant Management (TRM) platform.