WAND CORPORATION: A Day In The Life in Software Development

A special guest blog by Erik Hanson, VP of Software Development at WAND Corporation

Erik Hanson Restaurant SoftwareOne of the most common questions that I get asked during the interview process is “What does the typical day look like?” I struggle to answer that question, because while we definitely have a routine, each day is a bit different, and each team member has a little different day.

For example, we are flexible in our daily schedules. I have one team member who gets in around 5:30 and leaves by 2:30. Others get in much later and leave later.  Also, we practice Scrum, so we have stand-ups every morning for each team where we cover the three questions. Then once every two weeks each team has a day of Scrum ceremonies, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and then Sprint Planning.

And from time-to-time there may be a meeting on TypeScript best practices, AWS automation or automated testing tools. Or, a team member may request an in person code review as well to get some help or to demonstrate a new technology.

However, when it comes down to it, my team spends most of their time on two things: Code and Collaboration.

Software is what WAND does, and it is critical the Software Department focus on building the best Restaurant Management software on the market. WAND works hard to allow the development teams to focus their efforts on this crucial job, for example:

  • Every morning we have what we call “studio sessions” where we eliminate outside distractions from the development room.
  • Each team member also has a light at their desk to indicate if he or she is in the zone (red) or if he or she is available for a conversation (green).
  • Collaboration within each dev team, however, is always encouraged. Each dev team is co-located with developers, QA analysts, UI/UX designers and others all sitting together.
  • Each team’s product owner is also in close proximity in case any questions arise.

Every day I see team members working together on designing, developing, testing, validating and iterating on our applications, continuously working to make them the best.

And that is the constant: the comradery, the collaboration and the passion for killer technology.  An individual team member may do different things from writing code to reviewing user stories to developing automated test cases to automating the deployment of our application. But the teamwork, the intense passion for the work, and the joy of well-crafted code; that is a day in the life of a Software Development Team member at WAND.

Erik Hanson is one of WAND’s many Rock Stars and leads the software development team at WAND. Erik and his team focus on developing restaurant software to expand WAND’s capabilities in the digital menu space , as well as increase its point of sales and back office restaurant management features. Outside of work Erik enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters and pursuing the perfect cup of coffee.

A break out area for the WAND software development team.