Three Ways to Maximize Your Digital Creative Services Investment

As the use of Digital Menu Boards continue to rise many companies are trying to adjust their digital creative services investment to maximize this channel, and integrate it into their multi-channel marketing strategies. The shift from static to Digital Menu Boards means you can change out LTOs faster, run more promotions, incorporate video walls, react to environmental conditions, and stay FDA compliant by adding calorie counts.

Digital Menu BoardsUnfortunately, most companies do not have the designer skill set in-house or in their agency partner to develop content for this unique medium. This is why the digital creative services department at WAND is always insanely busy! (Which we love, by the way, we just keep throwing Red Bull at them to keep ‘em going).

At WAND we want to make sure you’re getting the greatest possible value out of your Digital Dollar so our Rock Star creative team wants to share three things you can do to maximize your creative investment.

1. Plan well in advance. Whenever possible, plan ahead. We all have things that pop up in our markets that require a fast reaction, but if you have regular menu changes, LTOs or seasonal updates, plan these out in advance with your WAND account manager. It’s the old Time, Quality, Cost equation – get two, sacrifice one. If you plan far enough out we can work with you to recommend a schedule of updates to help you maximize your Digital Dollar.

2. Make a prioritized list of your needs. The more organized you can be with what you need; the better we can help build packages and bundles to help you save money. For example if you know you’ll be updating your calorie counts in Q3 and you also have three LTOs you’ll be running at that time we can schedule these together and dedicate a designer’s time to design them for you. On the flip side, if we’ve started the ball rolling on the calorie updates and suddenly need to add-in the LTOs it becomes more time consuming for us and more expensive for you.

3. Purchase creative blocks. Creative blocks are one of the best ways to save on creative fees, especially if your company structure doesn’t allow you to plan very far in advance or your market is extremely fluid and changing. With creative blocks you purchase a set number of hours each month to be used for creative services. Doing this not only allows you to ensure you have creative coverage but it also makes it easy to calculate your budget for the year. It’s one of the best ways to maximize your digital creative services.

FDA Calorie Count Updates
One final note, we are already starting to see an increase in the number of customers who need to add calorie counts to their menus in time for the December 1st FDA caloric mandate. If you know you’ll need to add calorie counts to your menus this year we strongly encourage you to start this process sooner rather than later. We can help get you started with this any time, just reach out to your WAND account manager.