Three Awesome Ways to Use a Video Wall in a Restaurant

Video walls are cool. I usually spot them at places like the mall or airports, and when I do, I can’t help but stop and be mesmerized by them. The really exciting thing is that with recent technological advancements, video walls now cost far less than they used to, can now be used pretty much anywhere. This opens the door to their use in many more establishments! Here are some fun ideas for how you can use a video wall in a food locale such as QSR and Fast Casual restaurants, grocery stores and even convenience stores.

  1. Showcase your latest television ad. Ok this one is pretty simple but it’s fun and effective. Your company has spent millions on advertising and branding campaigns. Usually these campaigns hit consumers for just 30 seconds at a time so why not use the space in your restaurant to capture customer’s attention longer when they are waiting in line or dining in? A video wall is a great place to increase that brand preference and loyalty by running your current marketing campaign ads.
  1. Represent your brand personality. You can use your video wall to showcase your brand’s personality. It could be a video showing off the fresh ingredients you use in your food. Or chef’s preparing the yummy dishes you serve. Or maybe you’re targeting thrill seekers and it’s just a montage of craziness showing people skydiving or base jumping or doing extreme sports. Think about your brand differentiator and use your video wall to show it off.
  1. Transport your customers. You can enhance your restaurant atmosphere and add to the ambiance by using your video wall to transport your customers to a different locale. Perhaps you’ll show a view of a relaxing beach or a serene mountaintop or a tropical rain forest. As restaurants compete for business creating an atmosphere where people want to spend time is key to success. Consumer attitudes have changed and instead of the typical grab-and-go they want to sit down and enjoy a dining experience.

 Bonus! We think video walls are so cool we came up with an extra two ways you can use them:

  1. Make another sale. If the video wall is in the dining room of a restaurant, you can use it to promote deserts, drink refills or even merchandise, to go options, and catering services.
  1. Promote your services. You could also promote services your restaurant offers that beat out the competition such as mobile ordering or delivery services. Anytime you can focus on your restaurant differentiators, the better.

Video walls were made to captivate people. Be sure to use them to their full advantage.