Rest Easy that Your Digital Menus Are Working
with Next Business Day Hardware Replacement

WAND Caloric Count Digital Menu BoardsWAND understands your technology investments are critical to your business. Particularly your digital menus. They simply must work – every day, all day long. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, which is why we offer TechProtect to ensure replacement hardware and an on-site technician are available the next business day to help with any hardware issues.

TechProtect Provides

  • Quick response – just one call into 1-800-RUN-WAND handles all your issues
  • Guaranteed next business day digital menu replacement services
  • All required media players and screens
  • On-site technician to handle replacement installation
  • One-stop digital menu technical support and service from WAND experts

In short, TechProtect is designed to make your life easier knowing that in the case of a hardware failure you can simply call us and we’ll send a tech over ASAP to replace your hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions about TechProtect

How do I know whether my equipment needs to be replaced?
Simply call 1-800-RUN-WAND and a technician will diagnose your issue and determine if replacement hardware is needed.

Will my equipment be replaced with the exact same unit?
Yes. Stock is maintained to service the install base over the life of the TechProtect period.

How long does TechProtect cover my equipment?
If you purchase a WAND Digital Bundle, your hardware is automatically covered for 5 years with digital menu support services.

How do I sign up for TechProtect?
TechProtect is automatically included when you purchase a WAND Digital Bundle.