What exactly is Total Restaurant Management (TRM)?

wand-trm-total-restaurant-managementAt WAND we throw around the term Total Restaurant Management (or TRM for short) quite a bit. Since we’re totally focused on restaurants we often have to remind ourselves that not everyone speaks in terms of TRM.

So we thought it’d be good to take a moment and share exactly what Total Restaurant Management is, and how it benefits restaurants.

What exactly is TRM? At the highest level, TRM gives you visibility and control of the most important aspects of your restaurant operation from any device, anywhere in the world.

Who uses TRM? Part of the magic of TRM is that it works the same for a Franchisor, a Franchisee, or the manager in an individual store—the difference is how much of the restaurant enterprise you have permission to see and control.

So what exactly is it? Drilling down, TRM is a cloud-based SaaS solution – a website where you login and then have complete access to your restaurant including your Digital Menu Boards, Point of Sale Systems and Back Office.

What can you see in TRM? When you log into TRM you can view:

  • What’s being shown to customers on the digital menus in your stores and/or drive-thrus
  • Sales results from POS systems in any restaurant or across all of them, along with comparisons and statistics
  • Current food costs and inventory
  • Updated labor management forecast and payroll

What can you do in TRM? You can conduct a variety of activities in TRM. Here are the top ones:

  • Change your menu prices (instantly on both your indoor and outdoor menus and in your POS)
  • Change your menu content (swap out LTOs and promotional content)
  • Run reports to see your current food and labor costs
  • Create weekly schedules and look for areas of improvement
  • Reduce your food costs using advanced restaurant business intelligence
  • Identify and prevent instances of theft in the restaurant

How long does it take to get TRM set up? It depends on the size of your restaurants, the type of menu you have and the number of integrations you have. Multi-unit restaurant concepts with simpler restaurants such as coffee or ice cream shops can be up in running in a week or two. Quick serve restaurants with multiple LTOs, complicated combos and more meal choices may take longer to plan and install.

What’s the biggest reason to use TRM? To gain a single point of visibility and control.  Managing a restaurant concept can be incredibly challenging because of all the different types of system and technologies that are used. With TRM there’s a single point of control so you don’t have to manage your menus, POS or your back office separately.

What can you do with TRM mobile? At WAND we often refer to “TRM Mobile” which is simply TRM used on your mobile device. It is the same platform that is used on your desktop. However, we know people in the restaurant industry are constantly on-the-go so the mobile version allows you to change and manage your restaurant easily wherever you are.

One of the biggest opportunities in the restaurant industry (and in all industries actually) is the need to streamline technology. TRM is built to make it easier for restaurants to do this.

7 Awesome WAND TRM Hacks

Earlier this year we rolled out our updated interface in WAND TRM for Digital Menu Boards. As customers are still getting familiar with the new look and feel we thought we’d share some useful tricks to be more efficient in the system.

Here are seven WAND TRM hacks to try out:

WAND TRM Hacking1. Use overlays to avoid making additional campaigns. If your store and district level managers can take control of their own content, make overlays which they can modify instead of creating one-off campaigns to accommodate all content variations.

2. Use the Display Library for at a glance system health. The Display Library can tell you immediately how healthy your digital endpoints are with the status icon. Whether you’re a store manager, franchisee, or managing an entire brand’s operations, you can quickly and easily see where trouble points are with your digital menu boards.

3. Name your displays something you can recognize. Naming conventions like Digital Menu 1, 2, 3, etc. aren’t always easy to recognize. Try naming your displays based on the purpose they serve instead, like Salad Menu, Burger Menu, or Combo Menu to make it easier to identify displays on the go.

4. Inject instead of recreate for assets. If you work with your company’s media on digital menu boards, consider updating an already active asset with the new file version (injecting) instead of creating and deploying a new one. Uploading a new file into an asset and marking it as the target file will cause that new version of the asset to go live immediately anywhere the old version was already in use. This is great for content updates that will be configured the same as the previous version.

5. Create a default campaign. Even if you don’t actively utilize your default campaign anywhere in your digital ecosystem, create and deploy a default campaign that can take over if scheduling conflicts for content occur – this ensures that you’ll have maximum content uptime.

6. Preview campaigns by day of week. OK, you got us…this isn’t really a hack, just a super useful tool that is sometimes overlooked. When previewing a campaign from TRM, use the Day of Week picker in the preview panel to see how your content will look on any day of the week.

7. Debug mode. We saved the best for last – did you know that the WAND TRM Digital Client has a debug mode that will give you tons of useful information on device configuration? This client mode will show you relevant information to setting up and maintaining your digital menu boards. Debug mode can be turned on in the Device Management screen, or by pressing ctrl+F8 (half screen) or ctrl+shift+f8 (full screen) on your keyboard. Debug mode even comes complete with screen centering marks to make sure your content looks its very best!

Happy hacking!

5 Things You Need to Know about WAND TRM Reporting

1. What it Is

WAND’s TRM Reporting provides WAND’s NextGen Point of Sale customers relevant, meaningful data in near real time. With your web browser you have access to 100+ reports that allow you to view your business from a big picture perspective and quickly drill down to issues at specific sites. Or you can use the WAND TRM Reporting app to get the scoop on essential metrics from the palm of your hand. No matter how you view them, we designed the reports to give you a high level overview of your organization with the option to quickly drill down to examine more granular supporting data and pin-point potential issues.

2. What Reports Look Like
With TRM Reporting, you can run reports like the Store Summary Report and quickly see how your company is performing based off some key metrics like sales +/- last year and week, labor +/- guide, or cash over/short. You can quickly expand out the company information to see it broken down by group and further expand it to see individual sites.

From there, you can click on the Cash +/- numbers to see individual cashier performance and see who lost the most cash.

3. What Reports Look Like in TRM Mobile

Using the TRM Mobile Application you can drill down to individual stores to pinpoint where issues may arise. In the examples below, you can quickly see that for last week, you are up over $31,000 over last week. You touch that number to see a store by store break down and then touch one of the sites to see a day by day breakdown only to realize that last Sunday was a holiday and all your stores were closed for the day.

4. What the Benefits Are

• Near Real Time data from the site
• Drill down from company to groups to store level
• Click to link to more detailed reports
• Available anywhere from any device

5. How to Get It
WAND’s TRM Reporting is available as a part of our Silver or Gold product packages and works exclusively with the WAND NextGen Point of Sale system.

If you are interested in adding the Silver or Gold package, speak with your WAND account manager to start the process so you can view advanced WAND TRM reporting.


4 Things You Can Do in WAND Digital Without Calling the Help Desk

WAND DIgital TRMThis week we’re talking about some cool things any WAND Corporation partner can quickly and easily do to impact the content on your WAND Digital Menu Boards, with little or no training, and without calling WAND for help.

Some folks still don’t know that many updates in WAND Digital can be made on the fly, and applied in real-time for those “ah o crud” moments when something’not quite right. The truth is, we’ve made turning “ah o crud” into a “oh cool” super easy.

1. You Can Make Prices Changes.
Price changes are one of the easiest things to do. Whether it’s a single change at one of your sites, or changing the entire pricing hierarchy across the brand, WAND Digital provides you the toolsets to see what prices are now, who’s using different pricing, and what changes are scheduled for the future.

2. You Can Update Your Content.
Most of WAND’s menu board layouts are designed to include overlays for regularly updated content. An overlay allows you to update a specific region of your display in real-time without affecting the overall structure of the content. This means that as promo items come and go, conditions in the store vary, or inventory fluctuates, you can control what your customers see. Overlays can be controlled store by store, allowing you to set unique content configurations for each location to maximize sales and customer engagement. This means that everyone from brand managers to store level managers (with permission, of course) can quickly and easily update content on the fly to maximize sales.

3. You Can Ensure Uptime.
It’s a topic that nobody likes, but we all have to be ready for: cables get unplugged, network connections go down, equipment breaks (albeit rarely!). With WAND Digital, you have the power to overcome these issues, and continue to show the right menu content to your customers, and be assured of uninterrupted revenue! Simply set up the new Uptime Plus feature for your menu boards (a one-time set up), and you will ensure that you’ll never have to worry when the hardware gremlins attack.

4. You Can Make Changes Using Your Mobile.
What happens if you don’t want to, or can’t, sit down at a desktop computer and use a web browser to update your Digital content? Many people don’t know you can use the TRM Mobile app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) to do everything discussed above, whether you are on the subway going home or sitting on the beach in Cancun. Download the TRM Mobile app at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If you have an active TRM account and WAND Digital Gold, you already have access to the app, and can be up and running in no time.

Be sure to take advantage of all the things you can do without having to pick up the phone and call support!