5 Things You Need to Know about WAND TRM Reporting

1. What it Is

WAND’s TRM Reporting provides WAND’s NextGen Point of Sale customers relevant, meaningful data in near real time. With your web browser you have access to 100+ reports that allow you to view your business from a big picture perspective and quickly drill down to issues at specific sites. Or you can use the WAND TRM Reporting app to get the scoop on essential metrics from the palm of your hand. No matter how you view them, we designed the reports to give you a high level overview of your organization with the option to quickly drill down to examine more granular supporting data and pin-point potential issues.

2. What Reports Look Like
With TRM Reporting, you can run reports like the Store Summary Report and quickly see how your company is performing based off some key metrics like sales +/- last year and week, labor +/- guide, or cash over/short. You can quickly expand out the company information to see it broken down by group and further expand it to see individual sites.

From there, you can click on the Cash +/- numbers to see individual cashier performance and see who lost the most cash.

3. What Reports Look Like in TRM Mobile

Using the TRM Mobile Application you can drill down to individual stores to pinpoint where issues may arise. In the examples below, you can quickly see that for last week, you are up over $31,000 over last week. You touch that number to see a store by store break down and then touch one of the sites to see a day by day breakdown only to realize that last Sunday was a holiday and all your stores were closed for the day.

4. What the Benefits Are

• Near Real Time data from the site
• Drill down from company to groups to store level
• Click to link to more detailed reports
• Available anywhere from any device

5. How to Get It
WAND’s TRM Reporting is available as a part of our Silver or Gold product packages and works exclusively with the WAND NextGen Point of Sale system.

If you are interested in adding the Silver or Gold package, speak with your WAND account manager to start the process so you can view advanced WAND TRM reporting.