Four Options for When Stuff (Restaurant Technology Hardware) Breaks

It’s a topic no one wants to discuss, but the reality is sometimes stuff breaks. With Digital Menu Boards the thing that usually breaks is the restaurant technology hardware (screens, players, cabling). There exists some confusion amongst customers of what options you have when stuff breaks.

Let’s hope it never happens to you, but in case it does, WAND Partners have four options if you find yourself in that worst case scenario.


1. Buy New. With this option you will pay for the new equipment and you may receive a credit for old equipment turned in (depends on the type of equipment).
Why pick this option? This is the best option besides using Advanced Exchange (explained below). Why pay for costly repairs on 5-10 year old equipment when you can get brand new faster equipment that will save you money in the long run? Also all units come with at least a one year warranty versus the industry standard of just three months.

2. Send it in for repair. In this second option you send us your equipment and we repair it and send it back. We provide a three month warranty on all repairs sent to us.
Why pick this option? This is the cheapest option on the list in-terms of a one-time cost. It’s not an ideal long-term solution but it won’t cost you much in the short-term.

3. Swap it for a refurbished unit. With this option you can swap your broken piece of equipment for one that has been refurbished. You will pay for the equipment.
Why pick this option? This option is cheaper than buying new but more expensive than a repair. You can also conduct the swap quickly and not need to wait as long as you will have to for a repair.

4. Use Advanced Exchange. WAND’s Advanced Exchange program means that we’ll ship you new hardware as soon as a failure is verified. You don’t have to wait around for us to receive failed hardware, by the time the failed hardware hits our loading dock, the new one is already at your store ready to install!
Why pick this option? This options provides the quickest turn-around time for hardware failures, and ensures you’re back up and running as quickly as possible.

To sum it up, if it were us in your shoes and something broke; our first choice is to be covered by Advanced Exchange. If uncovered we’d choose buying new first, followed by swapping for a refurbished unit and, finally, repairing a broken piece of hardware would be our last resort.

Frankly our ideal choice would be to have nothing break in the first place! Broken restaurant technology hardware – ain’t nobody got time for that!