WAND Digital Menu Boards Save You Money!

Digital Menu Boards provide up to 95% cost savings over Static Menu Boards for WAND customers.

If you’re a restaurant owner or operator, you probably already know that switching to digital menu boards helps amplify the customer experience and reduce perceived customer wait time by 15+%. But, did you know that switching to digital menu boards can actually save you money, too? We’re not talking just marginal savings. We’re talking about up to 95% cost savings over static menu boards, as reported recently by a WAND large concept restaurant brand.READ MORE >>

6 Ways to Easily Manage Content Across Multiple Locations

For many operators of Quick Service and Fast Casual restaurants, the logistical challenge of managing content across multiple locations can seem daunting and frustrating. The challenge is compounded for operators who travel frequently and need to update menu content outside their offices.

At WAND Corporation, Digital Menu Technology helps to solve this problem by offering ways for operators to conveniently and efficiently oversee their restaurants at any time from anywhere in the world – all at their fingertips. When using WAND’s Digital Menu Technology, consider these six tips for managing digital menu board content across multiple locations:READ MORE >>

5 Design Tips for Creating Digital Menu Boards That Rock!

Many restaurants are making the switch from static menu boards to Digital Menu Technology to establish menu clarity, amplify the customer experience, and increase sales. During this transition, it is likely that restaurant owners may seek the help of an external design agency to create and manage their digital menu board content. If you’re a restaurant owner transitioning to digital menu boards and have found yourself in this situation, you’re in luck! Digital menu boards are a robust point-of-purchase marketing tool with a magnitude of capabilities designed to support your unique business goals and we’re here to share some tips for creating digital menu boards that rock!READ MORE >>

6 Ideas for Designing Digital Menu Signage for Millennials

Millennials eating fast food

Millennials go out to eat more than any other generation, so many restaurants are looking for ways to accommodate this growing demographic. With millennials soon topping the list of those with buying power, many very successful franchises are capitalizing on this group’s eating habits.

Understanding this generation is the first step to attracting them to your restaurant. Almost 60% of these consumers will pay more if they know buying the product will help support a cause. This philanthropic spirit is obvious in many aspects of their lives, but especially in the realm of food. They want to be part of a progressive community, a group of friends who have common interests and ideals. They want to know where their food comes from and that it is fresh, ethically grown, and locally harvested. They want simple ingredients that they can pronounce. In the past, value was based on price, convenience and taste; however, millennials’ positions on value are much more complex. Uniqueness, the restaurant’s ethical practices, and nutritional information all play a big part in their eating experience.

Responding to this research has proven beneficial for many companies. For example, Naf Naf has welcomed and utilized these facts to their advantage by designing their locations with features such as customer-directed orders and food preparation, open kitchens, and marketing campaigns revolving around how the food is grown, harvested, shipped, and prepared. The digital menu boards in this type of environment have to follow suit to describe a unique dining experience in which the customers feel in control and confident in their decisions. Tapping into the fluid lifestyle of millennials who often don’t eat traditional meals, many restaurants have made “breakfast all day” and added more “snackable” items to their menus.

So, what does all of this mean to you when designing your digital menu boards? READ MORE >>

How Will Digital Menu Boards Save You Money?


Aside from creating a more visually appealing experience for your diners and increasing your revenue when used properly, digital menu boards can also save you money. What follows are some tips on how to capitalize on the best savings when using digital menus in your restaurant.

As a restaurant operator, all investments should be carefully evaluated to determine maximum impact, but digital menus are picking up speed in the market because they have the potential to drive costs down and capitalize on a revenue boost, something ideal for any restaurant owner.READ MORE >>

Less Really is More: In Favor of Smaller Menus

In a world where it seems like you might reach more customers by having so much variety you appeal to everyone, it might seem shocking to consider that a smaller menu can actually work in your favor. Research, however, shows that it’s a great time to consider tightening up your menu and keeping offerings in a smaller wheelhouse.READ MORE >>

3 Ways Restaurant Operators Should be Using Digital Menu Boards


Digital menu boards are used among restaurant operators as a tool to improve customer experience, drive sales lift, and increase operational efficiency. When used properly, these are both a valuable sales tool and a competitive differentiator.

Here are three key ways restaurant operators should be using digital menus.READ MORE >>

How to Make People Buy After You’ve Got Them Inside Your Restaurant

wand-corp-digital-menu-boards-moesAs a restaurant operator you make a ton of decisions on a daily basis. One of those decisions is how to influence what people are buying when they visit your restaurants. Many operators overlook ways they can increase customer loyalty, promote key products and incite last minute sales…right in their own restaurant.

While you are dependent in many ways on the activities of corporate marketing for , no one knows your restaurants better than you do, so it’s important you optimize your in-store signage and promotional areas to your advantage.

Here’s a checklist of a few areas in your restaurant where you can market directly to your customers and increase the likelihood they’ll buy:READ MORE >>

5 Creative Design Tips for Digital Menus

The upper left corner, center spot (above register) are key areas of the menu.

Designing artwork for digital menus is a unique challenge. Unlike static/cardboard menus, you have the option to use rich media, animations, motion graphics and takeovers. The capabilities are practically endless!

Because it’s a different kind of medium it requires a different type of creative design style. At WAND we’ve created thousands of digital menus and (besides designing them making us incredibly hungry all the time) we’ve picked up on some design tips. Here are five of them to think about as you design your menusREAD MORE >>

Digital Signage Versus Digital Menus


At WAND we get asked the question constantly; what’s the difference between digital signage and digital menus? After all, when everything is said and done the bottom line is you have a digital menu on a screen so what does it matter if it’s from a digital signage company versus a digital menu company?

Oh…where to start.

Having pioneered digital menus in the restaurant industry, we know a thing or two about digital menus. And believe us, we’ve seen many companies use digital signage for their menus. Sometimes they can work (for smaller operators with one or two locations and a small menu) but for multi-unit restaurant operators it can be disastrous. Here’s why:READ MORE >>