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When you partner with WAND, you join a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist when you need it most.
Because we specialize in working with restaurants and other food-vending businesses, we understand your unique needs. Because we know that “Normal Business Hours” don’t always apply to you, we offer support that is available whenever you need it, 24/7/365.

No matter the issue, we can help with:

Software support for WAND’s Digital Menu Technology Platform

Trouble shooting, warranty questions, and technician coordination for hardware issues

Hardware coverage through TechProtect, including replacement hardware and on-site next-business-day service for five years

Content, design, and marketing assistance through the WAND Digital Agency

Troubleshooting Tips for Digital Menu Boards

If an issue occurs with your digital menu boards, there are three simple troubleshooting techniques you can perform on your own before contacting the WAND Customer Support Team.

Tip #1: Make sure your media player and display have power.

Ensure that both the media player and display are plugged into an outlet. Check that both the media player and display are turned on.

Tip #2: Ensure cables are connected to media player & display

Make sure the video cable and ethernet cable are securely connected to both the media player and display

Tip #3: Ensure your display is on the correct input

Check which HDMI port your HDMI cable is connected to on your display. Switch your display’s input to that source.

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