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WAND restaurant Point of Sale (POS) system is designed for speed and accuracy in order to maximize restaurant profits. Built specifically for multi-unit QSR and Fast Casual restaurant operators, it is catered to support restaurants working with multiple registers, drive-thru lanes and high turnover (with easy to learn single-shift training). The WAND restaurant POS system can be integrated seamlessly with Digital Menu Boards and Back Office systems to provide complete management of your restaurant.


WAND builds specifically for Fast Casual restaurant and QSR point of sale needs. The system is catered for operations with multiple registers and drive-thru lanes, focused on ensuring a fast speed of service and high order accuracy. This restaurant tested and intuitive POS system makes it easy for employees to upsell and incite last-minute purchases, while decreasing the time the customer spends waiting in line. WAND POS packages also include EMV terminals for accepting both chip and PIN cards and contactless payments, such as Apple Pay.


By focusing exclusively on restaurants, WAND’s POS system is designed to increase order speed and accuracy at the register. The intuitive, easy-to-use interface ensures the customer can place their entire order without being interrupted. During the order process, a customer facing display will highlight additional menu items and LTOs, encouraging the impulse purchase of additional items. On the employee facing display, reminder messages encourage employees to upsell the items that matter to you.


A single shift is all it takes to learn WAND’s intuitive restaurant point of sale software. By beginning with a realistic training mode, employees experience firsthand how the POS actually functions. After a shift with the training mode, new employees will be up to speed on the POS operations, reducing training time and costs.


WAND restaurant point of sale systems help you deter theft in your restaurants by using Conversational Ordering which helps to modify a customer’s order without a void from the manager. This means that orders are accurate, and ensures that actual inventory and food costs always match your reports. With such an exact calculation, inventory management is simplified and theft is easily detected. 


WAND POS is designed to integrate fully and completely with your existing food and payroll systems. This seamless integration ensures your Back Office software will reflect the most updated food inventory, helping you better manage your labor and giving you more insight into your restaurants’ sales and profits.

“In my experience most all POS providers over promise and under deliver. My experience with WAND has been just the opposite. WAND does what is says it’s going to do. It’s products and services do what they say they are going to do. I am extremely pleased with my experience with WAND from top to bottom.”
Robb Tenant, Director of IT, Burger Street.


WAND believes you should always benefit from your restaurant management software. 24/7/365 support staff and continuous system upgrades ensure that you always have best technology available to you at your fingertips.