QSR and Fast Casual Restaurant POS Training Tips

WAND Training TipsSo you’ve purchased an awesome new restaurant POS system and are super psyched to roll it out. You’ve got the install scheduled and restaurant managers notified. You’re ready to go and then you realize “how are we going to train everyone in on the new system???”

Most likely you’ve gone through a new POS rollout before, but if you haven’t, here are a few restaurant POS training tips we’ve learned over the years to make it easier for you. Be sure to share these with your store managers and operations leaders to ensure you have the most effective roll-out possible.

Train the trainer. One of the best ways to roll out a new POS is to designate someone in each restaurant as the “trainer” for the store. This super user is responsible for knowing the new POS in and out and will then be responsible for training other employees on how to use it and troubleshooting when employees have questions. The best person for this role is someone who is smart and works a lot of hours during peak times, so a shift manager or lead supervisor.

Hold a mandatory training session. Host a mandatory restaurant POS training session for all employees at a time when the store is closed or (if you’re open 24/7) during non-peak times. Here’s a pro tip – even though it may be a mandatory session, people may not show up so incentivize them with free food or a door prize raffle. Little things like this can make a big difference in increasing attendance.

Make it easy. By far the best way to train someone on a new system is to make it easy and keep it simple and straightforward. Instead of going through all 25 combos, pick the three most popular to use as an example. Put yourself in the shoes of the employees and think about what you would need to know the most about the new system if you were on the register during a busy day. The easier the POS is to use, the less training there will be. If the POS takes more than a day for a new employee to be productive taking orders, you should take a serious look at the POS software, or how you have it setup.

Make it hands-on. If you’re conducting the restaurant POS training in a 1:1 be sure to give the controls to the employee you’re training. Start by showing them how to do something and then hand the reigns over to them and ask them to repeat what you just taught. Having someone actually use the system themselves will make it a better training experience for them.

These tips are good for rolling out a brand new POS system but they can also be used for new employees. Bonus tip: be sure to have a POS training program established for new employees in your restaurants.