QSR and Fast Casual Labor Scheduling Tips to Manage Restaurant Labor Costs

WAND Restaurant Back OfficeOne of the biggest challenges of managing a QSR of Fast Casual restaurant labor costs is scheduling. You’re dealing with a lot of employees with different scheduling requirements and you need to balance coverage with peak times so you’re not wasting money on labor or understaffed when you need your crew the most.

Here are some tips for how to improve labor scheduling at your restaurant.

• Schedule by position. When working in your back office system you should schedule positions based on their certifications. When you do this it sets up controls so managers can’t schedule wrong people in the wrong roles. Doing this will help you reduce the amount of errors in scheduling because the system won’t let you schedule the wrong type of person for a shift. This way you won’t be wasting your time creating a schedule only to find out you’ve accidently an employee to work a position that they are not certified to work on. It’s a simple way to eliminate some scheduling headaches.

• Schedule backwards. We all know there are good times to work and bad times to work. You want your best employees to work the best shifts. Instead of starting from the first slot open in the schedule and building from there, start with filling the best spots first with your best talent and working backwards from there. A simple trick is to use the bar graph function in your labor scheduling software to take a full look at your schedule once it’s complete and spot check it to make sure you are giving the best employees the best shifts and that no one is getting stuck with all the bad shifts as well as ensure that you have proper coverage every hour throughout the day

• Share the schedule. Long gone are the days where the only way to communicate a schedule is to hang it in the employee lounge. When your schedule is complete be sure to share it via email with your managers and employees. Be prepared to get feedback from the team of shifts they’d like to change, but don’t change the whole schedule right away. Give everyone a few days to get back to you before you make any changes and resend the schedule to the team.

We know how challenging it can be to create a schedule that makes everyone happy. Be sure to make the most of your restaurant back office software to make scheduling a bit easier in your restaurant. Good luck!