Restaurant POINT OF SALE Systems

When you’re looking for the industry’s leading point of sale systems, come to WAND. What makes our product the best POS system for restaurant and grocery environments is its exceptional design. Unlike typical restaurant point of sale systems, it’s specifically created to increase speed and accuracy so you can maximize your store’s profits.

Built with multi-unit quick service and fast casual restaurant operators in mind, our point of sale systems for restaurants and bars support businesses that work with multiple registers, drive-thru lanes and high turnover. These systems are easy to learn in a single-shift training session, while WAND’s restaurant POS software seamlessly integrates with digital menu technology and back office systems. Truly, any business that uses a menu board can benefit from this system. Let us help you enjoy speedy service, high order accuracy and the pleasure of having complete control of your restaurant or shop.

Why Choose WAND


Anyone who runs a food business knows that serving customers quickly and accurately is crucial. WAND’s intuitive, easy-to-use restaurant POS software ensures that a customer can place an order without experiencing an interruption or delay. To boost business during the order process, a customer-facing display highlights additional menu items and LTOs, encouraging the impulse purchase of additional items. Meanwhile, on the employee-facing display, reminder messages encourage employees to upsell the items that matter most to your business. WAND POS packages also include EMV terminals for accepting both chip and PIN cards as well as contactless payments such as Apple Pay.


Are you concerned implementing new restaurant POS software will slow down operations? Think again. A single shift is all it takes to learn WAND’s intuitive QSR POS restaurant management software. Beginning with a realistic training mode, employees experience firsthand how the QSR POS system functions. Then, after working a shift in training mode, new employees will be informed on the POS operations, reducing training time and costs.


Our POS system also boosts business by deterring theft during day-to-day operations. The WAND QSR point of sale restaurant management system does this by using conversational ordering, which helps modify a customer’s order without a void from the manager. This ensures that orders are accurate and actual inventory and food costs always match your reports. With such a precise calculation, inventory management is simplified and theft is easily detected.


WAND’s restaurant point of sale system further streamlines operations by integrating fully and completely with your existing food and payroll systems. This seamless integration ensures that your back office software will reflect the most updated food inventory, helping you better manage your labor and giving you more insight into your restaurants’ sales and profits.

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