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WAND Enterprise Digital Menu Solutions will increase your restaurant sales by 3-6%. We guarantee it. 

CASE STUDY: Learn How WAND Made a Lasting Impact at Church's Chicken of New Mexico


Why Choose WAND?


WAND Enterprise Digital Menu Board Solutions are guaranteed to increase restaurant sales by 3-6%


WAND is committed to providing the highest quality professional technology, design and support


WAND has driven restaurant technology for over 30 years and has partnered with thousands of restaurants including some of the world's largest brands


Whether you have one restaurant location or a thousand, WAND's software and technology offerings are intuitive and easy to use

make instant changes

Menu updates can be made instantly across restaurant locations from any device -- any time, anywhere.


Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Increase Up-sell Opportunities and Grow Sales

Digital menu boards for restaurants help you extend your brand messaging into the store and interact with customers in exciting ways. A subtle movement or well-timed promotional takeover can draw customers’ attention to the most highly profitable areas of the menu and educate your customers about promotional or new menu items.

Save Time and Money

Installing digital menu boards for your restaurant means you’ll never need to waste time or money on re-printing menus every time you need to make a change. The best digital menu providers also offer easy-to-use solutions that don’t require design experience. The WAND Digital Agency is 100% focused on digital menu board design, bringing the latest strategies and best practices to WAND customers.

Improved Customer Experience

Well-designed digital menu boards do more than add a modern look and feel to your restaurants. They become the most powerful component of your in-store marketing strategy. WAND will work with you to understand your specific goals and design the optimal customer experience to meet them.

Easily Make Menu Changes

The best electronic menu boards give you the ability to quickly launch new menu items and promotions across all locations, regions, or individual stores. With WAND, operators can upload assets, create menus, and publish them live within minutes. You also have access to advanced dayparting options to ensure you’re automatically promoting the right menu items at the right time of day.

* WAND features vary by product package

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Enterprise Solutions

A complete digital menu board solution ideal for restaurant brands with multiple locations

  • Industry-leading premium features, integrations and functionality guaranteed to grow restaurant sales by 3-6%
  • A complete solution: screens, install, software & design
  • Fully-guaranteed hardware designed for restaurant environments
  • Make instant changes or schedule day-parts across multiple locations

Express Solution

A digital menu board solution ideal for restaurants with one-to-two locations

  • Includes top-quality digital menu hardware and software, works with any TV screens that have an HDMI output
  • Select from a variety of design templates and layouts to easily build your menu
  • Make changes instantly from any location with our user-friendly software
  • Warranty and support included

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