Restaurant Back Office Software

WAND’s restaurant back office software helps you manage labor and shrink food costs, while giving you instant reporting on desktop or mobile devices. Collecting vital data across many levels of business, this restaurant reporting software acts as the central data hub for your restaurant’s critical information. Restaurant operators gain powerful, consolidated reporting capabilities and near real-time analysis that encourage results-oriented decisions, all easily accessible on your mobile device.

Why Choose WAND


We understand how important it is for you to receive real-time reporting for your store’s sales, profits, inventory management, labor, and food costs. Our restaurant back office software provides you with the restaurant business intelligence you need to easily manage your restaurant’s profitability. A few clicks on any computer or mobile device can show you a single transaction or your entire system.


WAND restaurant back office software helps you manage labor for optimal service and cost. Using our skill-based labor guides, shared records, and an intuitive drag/drop scheduler, you can raise margins and lower labor costs in your restaurants.


WAND’s back office restaurant analytics software ensures consistent quality with standardized recipes, waste tracking, and real-time reporting. You can also guarantee you’re always in stock with integrated transfers between stores (with two stage approval/denial process). Our system helps keep your food costs low by using advanced restaurant business intelligence, including suggestive food ordering, electronic ordering, and electronic receipts.


Increase efficiency using pre-built integrations to your existing third-party accounting solutions, payroll services, and food supply providers. This seamless process ensures your back office restaurant reporting software reflects the most updated food inventory, helping you better manage your labor and giving you more insight into your restaurants’ sales and profits.

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