WAND Debuts Advanced Content Management System (CMS) for QSR and Fast Casual Digital Menu Boards

WAND DIgital TRMEasy-to-use, cloud-based WAND Digital Brings Specific Capabilities Needed by Multi-unit Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants, Delivers Major Benefits

Minneapolis, MN. (June 9, 2015) — WAND Corporation, the global technology leader for the QSR and Fast Casual restaurant industry, announces the immediate availability of the new WAND Digital CMS (Content Management System), which has been in development for over a year. WAND Digital, built on the company’s cloud-based TRM (Total Restaurant Management) Platform, has been piloted extensively by customers, and is available to all WAND Digital Menu Board users as of June 1, 2015.

WAND Digital uniquely delivers on the promise of revenue generation and operational efficiency gains as the only CMS system built with a comprehensive set of features and benefits directly matched to the needs of QSR and Fast Casual operations. Specifically designed for multi-unit restaurant operations, it makes enterprise class, scalable deployments across concepts, franchisees and individual or groups of stores possible with the
push of a button, while giving an appropriate level of control to individual managers in specific markets so they can react to conditions in real time.

The new, cloud-based WAND Digital sets a high standard for ease of use with an intuitive user interface, and a suite of features providing greater capabilities and immediate benefits to users.

Highlights include:

  • Managers can react quickly to changing situations in their restaurants by making permission-limited edits to content with the new QuickCanvas application, and by making pricing and text updates, all via web browser.
  • Designers can plan and build campaigns and deploy them in real-time. With very little training and no knowledge of programming, WAND’s new Display Designer makes it is easy to assign assets to display types and dayparts, and adjust sequences and timing to implement Limited Time Offers (LTOs). Users see previews of exactly how the campaign will look on the menu boards.
  • Brands and their marketing agencies use the Media Library to upload and manage media assets for all types of menu content, such as animations, video and high resolution images.
  • Streamlined and intuitive workflows create operational efficiencies, helping to decrease the costs, time and effort associated with deploying digital menu board campaigns using the new Campaign Library, where you can preview assets, approve campaigns and review deployment status at-a-glance. Drill down into the details and make any necessary adjustments to deploy the exact digital content you require.
  • Marketing managers and C-Suite executives alike are assured the right content gets deployed, and brand compliance is enforced every time with built-in Approval Workflows.
  • Marketing operations staff can see immediately what campaigns are running and scheduled for each store, with the new Content Forecast. A simple and convenient timeline lets them see current and upcoming campaigns across the entire enterprise, or in individual stores, at a glance.

WAND Digital CMS, along with new version 15 of the WAND MediaPlayer software, also brings several additional new features and benefits, with the addition of the WAND Digital Gold package, available by subscription, including:

  • Managers and above the store users with specific permission can make changes to select content and images appearing on menu boards, using the new TRM Mobile app, from anywhere in the world—whether in front of the digital menu boards in a restaurant, in a taxicab or on the beach. The TRM Mobile app works on Android and IOS devices, both tablets and phones.
  • Assurance that content will appear in front of the customer at all times, even in the rare event of Display or Media Player hardware issues, is delivered with the new Uptime Plus functionality which combines inexpensive hardware with software designed to sense outages.
  • Confidence that a price the customer sees on the menu board is always the same as that which they will be charged on the register is delivered viaPOS Pricing Integration, working today with several popular third-party industry solutions.

“This major new WAND Digital release is the culmination of a year of intense collaboration between our team, partners and customers,” said Dave Perrill, President of WAND Corporation. “It represents the experience we’ve gained from thousands of successful Digital menu board installations and the lessons we’ve learned by helping our customers operate them. We’ll continue to forge ever closer relationships, and achieve greater understanding, delivering even more benefits, at a level made possible by maintaining our laser-like commitment to Multi-unit QSR and Fast Casual restaurant operations.”

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