WAND Corporation Rolls Out Digital Wendy’s at Las Vegas Airport

Eden Prairie, Minnesota-27 April, 2009. WAND Corporation announced today the installation of a fully digital Wendy’s restaurant solution at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. This Wendy’s site features the latest WAND POS, WAND KVS, and WAND Digital® Digital Customer Engagement solutions. WAND POS delivers conversational ordering, improved speed of service, increased order accuracy, and is extremely easy to use and train. The WAND Digital™ Digital Customer Engagement solution includes digital menu boards, Digital POP Boards, and Digital Order Confirmation Displays, all driving improved sales and customer satisfaction. This digital restaurant is controlled by an enterprise level solution that allows pinpoint to system control over prices, configurations, and digital content. The McCarran International Airport installation marks the newest addition to WAND Corporation’s nation-wide implementation strategy.

The WAND Digital Restaurant promotes product, takes all orders, and communicates information to complete the customer’s request visually and digitally. WAND Corporation software has been specialized for Wendy’s JMJ-LLC, deployed on four NCR 21 terminals to take orders. Four horizontal and two vertical digital menu boards display professional-quality images of strategically-promoted food items. This strategy allows for day-parting, promoting menu items at the correct time of day, showing people what they want when they want it. These boards run on the WAND Universal Controller, which is also capable of acting as the store’s Manager’s Work Station (MWS) or Kitchen Video display System (KVS) controller. Durably constructed, these micro-computers are able to withstand the harsh QSR environment that is seldom forgiving to less-rugged electronic devices.

Mr. Alan Gardner, Director of Operations for JMJ-LLC said, “We’re extremely excited to partner with WAND Corporation on the Digital Menu Board technology, and the new point-of-sale terminals. We are looking forward to seeing an increase in sales, based in part on the great product images projected by the digital menu boards and POP display boards. Mr. Gardner continued by saying, “We look forward to improving upon order accuracy through the customer-facing displays.” The customer-facing displays also provide great food product images that make the guests want to purchase those items.

Las Vegas is JMJ-LLC’s second installation outside Arizona, and its fourth airport location, after two locations in the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona, and one in JFK. The McCarran Airport location will open later this month.

JMJ-LLC is a Wendy’s franchise located in the American Southwest. Headed by Mr. Robert “Bob” Lopez, JMJ-LLC is anchored in Glendale, Arizona. Mr. Lopez and JMJ-LLC are both long-time innovators of cutting-edge restaurant technology, and early adopters, being among the first in the QSR to implement a fully digital restaurant solution to solidly establish store brand identity. JMJ-LLC sites lay claim to multiple airports and several other sites, supported by WAND Corporation digital menu boards and WAND Corporation POS/KVS/BOS software. JMJ-LLC is a Wendy’s franchise that has grown quickly since its founding in 2000, to 15 stores, 13 of which are in Arizona, one in the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, and the newest in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About WAND Corporation
WAND Corporation is the world leader in POS software for Quick Service Restaurants, and a leading innovator in digital menu boards. Much more than digital signage, digital menu board technology shows the customer what they want, when they want it. Thousands of QSR locations benefit by working with WAND Corporation, including Wendy’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Church’s Chicken, and Long John Silver’s. With over 150 employees and more than 20 years of experience in a rapidly changing industry, WAND Corporation is a nimble, thriving QSR innovator, having never lost the spirit that was the inspiration for its birth in 1987.

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