WAND Continues Successful Digital Menu Rollout with Cinnabon

Eden Prairie, Minnesota – April 25, 2014. —WAND Corporation thoroughly impressed Cinnabon franchisee, In All Things, Inc., with its turnkey digital menu board rollout and solution. Created for ease of use after deployment, WAND installs and supports this solution at the restaurant level with enterprise capabilities.

Eric Tidd, general manager of In All Things, Inc.’s Cinnabon® bakery, is excited about how well the reimage went. “The digital menu deployment process was extremely impressive. The WAND team remained focused on quality at each stage while still moving quickly,” he says. Particularly impressive were WAND’s installation protocols. He added, “It has been an extremely smooth process since initial conversations. WAND was very professional and exhibited true expertise in the digital menu board arena.”

In All Things, Inc. is already benefiting from the digital menu rollout and installation. WAND’s digital menu boards are designed to promote products and generate sales, featuring creative content that is appealing and engaging. While an analysis on sales figures will be done, like all other Cinnabon® bakeries, the initial results are very promising.

Dave Perrill, president of WAND, is delighted by the deployment’s welcome reception. “We are wholly dedicated to our client’s success, and our team’s careful planning and attention to detail at each stage reflects that,” he says. “We look forward to doing even greater things as we grow together.”

This digital menu installation for In All Things, Inc. is just the most recent installation for Cinnabon®. WAND has built a successful partnership with the brand, and has already deployed its digital menu boards to more than 75 locations.

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