WAND adds talented Restaurant Creative Services Director to support growth

Sarah-Maki Restaurant Creative Services DirectorMinneapolis, MN. (December 1, 2014) — WAND Corporation today announced that Sarah Maki has joined the company to support the growth of the WAND Creative Services team. In her role as the restaurant Creative Services Director, Maki will oversee all strategy and execution of WAND’s Creative Services. Maki brings experience with growing agency capabilities and refining best practices to WAND’s creative team, having previously been the Creative Services and Resources Director at a Minneapolis agency.

In the position, Maki will focus on strengthening the work processes already in place while positioning the creative team as thought leaders for Limited Service Restaurants. “WAND already excels at creating content consistent with each brand,” said Maki. “We are perfectly positioned to become true brand stewards. Because of our focus, we can keep refining our point of view on the future of restaurant content into an amazing experience for their customers.”

As digital menu boards become a staple for Limited Service Restaurants, expertise in the creation of engaging and relevant content will continue to grow in importance. “Sarah has the ability to create the next generation of digital content,” said WAND President Dave Perrill. “With her at the creative helm, our team will be nimble enough to turn dynamic digital menu boards into a restaurant experience that can be as unique as a brand requires.”

Before Maki joined WAND, she spent 10 years in various creative services roles. Having participated in many different aspects of the creative process, she will now begin to identify the variables that most influence the experience of digital menu boards.

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