Thomas Family Deploys WAND digital restaurant to Enhance Customer Experience

Eden Prairie, Minnesota-May 21, 2010. Dedicated to carrying on Dave Thomas’ vision of exceeding customer expectations, the Thomas family has deployed a WAND digital restaurant in several of their Thomas 5 Ltd. restaurant locations in Ohio. Included in the comprehensive deployment is WAND digital menu and point of sale (POP)boards featuring LG Electronic screens, as well as WAND point of sale (POS) hardware and software. The Wendy’s franchise looks to captivate customers with the sophistication and attractive design of these significant upgrades. Anticipating a positive response from customers, the WAND solution is expected to increase restaurant profits and improve satisfaction.

“WAND has continually provided us with exceptional solutions that are tailored to our brand and help improve our customer’s restaurant experience”, said Wendy Thomas, Partner of Thomas 5 Ltd. Inside a Wendy’s digital restaurant the digital menu Boards (DMB) engage customers with high-definition video and images, providing easy access to featured menu items. During the order taking process customers can order casually without interruption by use of Conversational ordering, thus enhancing the customer’s overall satisfaction. Conversational ordering allows the order to be changed at any point in the transaction increasing speed of service and order accuracy.

“We experienced our best hour ever after upgrading to WAND POS and now with WAND digital menu boards, we’ve pushed our margins up 7.5% which is estimated to be worth over 50 thousand a year. With these funds we will be able to keep investing in the latest technology for all our restaurants to keep our customers coming back for more!” said Thomas.

The Wendy’s digital restaurant locations feature a fresh, new style that has franchisees especially excited. One of the newly digital Thomas 5 Ltd. locations is Ohio State University (OSU) Hospital. The OSU Wendy’s location is equipped with ten 47-inch LG LCD digital menus. The restaurant has a unique design with two ordering lines and two separate menus coming from either end of the restaurant to meet in the middle at the counter. Five digital menu Boards are mounted on each side of the counter, drawing in customer attention from all angles. The Thomas 5 Ltd. franchise has been involved in extensive testing of WAND digital menu boards for the Wendy’s brand and has been an innovative franchise throughout its ten year partnership with WAND.

About Thomas Five Limited
Thomas Five Ltd. is a Wendy’s franchise owned by Dave Thomas’ five children, including his daughter Wendy Thomas the brand’s namesake. Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, the franchise is committed to carrying on Dave’s legacy through business traditions and volunteer work, and operates 33 Wendy’s restaurants. Thomas Five Ltd. is a strong advocate of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption,a foundation dedicated to dramatically increasing the adoptions of more than 150,000 children waiting in North America’s foster care systems. The franchise is at the forefront in promoting the latest Wendy’s products, always consistent with Dave’s vision of delivering quality fresh food and enhancing the customer’s experience.

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About WAND Corporation
WAND Corporation is the world leader in POS software for Quick Service Restaurants, and a leading innovator in digital menu boards. Much more than digital signage, digital menu board technology shows the customer what they want, when they want it. Thousands of QSR locations benefit by working with WAND Corporation, including Arby’s, A&W, Burger King, Checkers/Rally’s, Church’s Chicken, and Wendy’s. With over 150 employees and more than 23 years of experience in a rapidly changing industry, WAND Corporation is a nimble, thriving QSR innovator, having never lost the spirit that was the inspiration for its birth in 1987. More information is available at

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