New Health Care Reform Calls for Significant Changes in the Restaurant Industry

Eden Prairie, Minnesota-29 March, 2010. Changes are coming to the restaurant industry. The new health care reform passed into law by Congress last Sunday sets a national standard for nutrition labeling on restaurant menus. The reform will affect all Quick Service Restaurants with 20 or more locations, regardless of ownership.

QSR franchisees who own only a few locations will still be affected if the total number of brand stores is 20 or greater. By setting one consistent national standard the National Restaurant Association says the new law will help consumers make better choices for themselves and their families. Since details may remain unclear until as late as the end of July the versatility provided by digital displays justifies a solution to replace standard printed menu boards.

“This is a complex and industry changing event for the entire QSR community,” said Greg Perrill, Chief Operating Officer for WAND Corporation. Caloric and nutrient information will be required on restaurant menus, menu boards, and drive-thru displays. WAND Corporation, the global leader in digital menu board and pointoOf sale technology for the QSR space, plans to be a part of the solution process. WAND Corporation’s digital menu boards already handle nutritional information and their dynamic content can be changed or updated instantly. “We foresaw the need for providing customers with nutritional information of menu items and built the feature into our digital menu board technology,” added Perrill. More information will be forthcoming from WAND Corporation.

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