Managing Multiple Restaurants Simplified by WAND Digital Updates

Eden Prairie, Minnesota – June 28, 2014. —WAND Corporation, a developer of revolutionary restaurant software, announced the launch of two new features allowing users to better customize in-store marketing and sales efforts. Working alongside many of the fastest growing QSR and Fast Casual brands was integral to the recent modification of their software platform, which now includes enhanced pricing management and content forecasting. These features provide new controls ensuring the accuracy and quality of digital menu board content.

“How to simultaneously manage multiple restaurants is a question faced by brands and their franchisees every day,” says Dave Perrill, President of WAND Corporation. “Our digital menu board software strives to give users at every level the exact information they need.” These two new features further differentiate WAND’s digital menu boards for QSR and Fast Casual brands.

The new Content Forecast feature provides a date and time specific view of a restaurant’s content. By selecting from several dropdown menus available, users gain the ability to verify content that will be displayed at the restaurant, market or enterprise-wide level. Whether restaurants plan to run a robust marketing campaign or make a simple change to daily prices, the Content Forecast feature shows that everything is accurate before being deployed to the digital menu boards.

The new pricing management feature provides WAND Digital users visibility of the pricing structure at any of their restaurants. Prices at the site level are highlighted when they differ from the user’s determined prices, and an easy-to-navigate overview screen details how a selected restaurant’s prices differ.

About WAND Corporation

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