International Franchising Simplified by WAND Digital Menu Boards

Eden Prairie, Minnesota – September 25, 2014. —WAND Digital software has simplified meeting international franchising brand standards and optimizing in-store marketing for Cravia Incorporated. A FOCUS Brands International franchisee, Cravia deployed digital menu boards in its newest Dubai location, building on their history of success in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

WAND worked with its restaurant partners to better understand the capabilities needed for international success. Many brands concentrate on a global supply network in order to prepare franchisees. WAND found that consistently leveraging a brand was just as important, especially for Western brands that Middle Eastern audiences were hungry for. “With WAND Digital software, there really are no borders left to slow down business,” says WAND President Dave Perrill. “FOCUS can track how its brands come to life in emerging markets while Cravia positions unique offerings to new audiences. We’re excited about working with such a great company like FOCUS Brands.”

Emerging international markets are part of any solid growth strategy, and branded messages representing the region prepare franchisees like Cravia for success. “Our research will reveal regional preferences and tastes. FOCUS needs every in-store marketing effort to speak for both the region and the brand,” says FOCUS Brands International Chief Marketing Officer Tom Bartsch. “WAND Digital menu boards give us the ability to see how well campaigns are reaching their target audience.”

A key player in the Middle Eastern market, Cravia knows that audiences want menu offerings that have a Western feel. With anytime, anywhere access to a content library designed by WAND, Cravia can deploy campaign updates to any of their stores and engage customers with select menu content.

“Cravia’s customers need to be wowed each time they enter one of our restaurants,” says Cravia Multi-Brand Manager Marwan Kandeel. “Digital software lets us strategically pivot to best serve our customers.”

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