First All digital restaurant Sets New Standards For QSR

Eden Prairie, Minnesota-25 September, 2009. Wendy’s FourCrown became the first Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) to be an all digital restaurant. Their digital restaurant is comprised of outdoor and indoor digital menu boards, including a three-LCD outdoor digital menu board, a single-LCD outdoor pre-sale board, and a set of indoor LCD digital menu boards. This solution can completely replace a QSR’s need for printed trans-light marketing materials. Their digital restaurant also includes an integrated POS solution with digital customer-facing displays, back office system, and a kitchen video display system.

The promotional content of all 12 LCD screens inside the Wendy’s store (four digital menu boards, four OCD units, and four digital point of purchase boards) can be controlled from any computer with an Internet connection and valid credentials. So, too, can the outdoor digital menu boards and the POS system. Among the outdoor units are the single-panel pre-sale board and the triple-panel digital menu board. Able to complete as many day-parts as desired, menu items are displayed with full animation in millions of colors with virtually limitless content rotation and product promotion space.

This particular Wendy’s is one of the busier stores in the US, so a reliable solution was needed that could keep up with customer demand as well as receive round-the-clock support. WAND Corporation was able to deliver on these demands. The point of sale terminals are designed with customer-facing displays (also called “inside order confirmation displays” or iOCD units) that work with the WAND POS system. The iOCD units are designed to confirm customer orders, reducing transaction time, improving order-taking accuracy, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Throughout the entire day, sales, labor, food cost, and other data has been compiling, continually available in real-time dashboards. At the end of the day, a complete report can be viewed, both by store level management as well as by Wendy’s FourCrown executives. The result is a snapshot of the business’s overall health, its specific systems, what’s working and what isn’t. This allows for a rapid discovery process, allowing for response time that (like a combo meal from Wendy’s is quick, reliable, and easy for one to wrap their hands around and appreciate.

About Wendy’s Fourcrown
Wendy’s FourCrown operates 59 Wendy’s restaurants and is currently the only Wendy’s franchisee in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Area and in St. Cloud, MN. Founded in 1985 by Mike Givens and Dan Opitz, Wendy’s FourCrown’s overall objective, “is to have the finest collection of stores, by all criteria, in the entire Wendy’s system”. As a family-owned business, Wendy’s FourCrown has been built on family values and has always sought to do the “right thing” for its employees, customers, and partners, including through charitable donations of time, labor, and financial contributions. For more information please go to http://home/wand/

About WAND Corporation
WAND Corporation is the world leader in POS software for Quick Service Restaurants, and a leading innovator in digital menu boards. Much more than digital signage, digital menu board technology shows the customer what they want, when they want it. Thousands of QSR locations benefit by working with WAND Corporation, including Arby’s, A&W, Burger King, Checkers/Rally’s, Church’s Chicken, and Wendy’s. With over 150 employees and more than 22 years of experience in a rapidly changing industry, WAND Corporation is a nimble, thriving QSR innovator, having never lost the spirit that was the inspiration for its birth in 1987. More information is available at

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