Church’s Chicken Excellence in Leadership Conference to Feature WAND Digital Menu Boards

Minneapolis, MN (September 27, 2016) — International fried chicken restaurant chain, Church’s Chicken, will be featuring WAND digital menu boards at its upcoming Excellent in Leadership Conference in Dallas October 12-14. The conference brings together operators and management from throughout the US to participate in multiple leadership and educational sessions. WAND digital menus will be displayed at Church’s Chicken’s marketing team’s booth as a way to help franchise operators “Ignite Sales Every Day.”

Over the past few years Church’s Chicken and WAND have worked together to create a strong partnership to bring digital menus to Church’s Chicken restaurants. The digital menus are developed and created by the digital design team at Church’s, which has recently redesigned its menu to focus on key menu items, such as combos, in addition to displaying its signature chicken flavors. The menus feature animations and motion graphics to draw the viewer eye to key areas of the menu.

Once created, Church’s uses WAND’s digital menu boards platform, Total Restaurant Management, to upload and deploy it’s menus across 200+ restaurant locations that use digital menus. Using TRM, Church’s can run campaigns at a concept level, company level (by franchise owner) all the way down to the store level, specifying certain content to show only in certain store locations. In addition to using WAND’s TRM software, Church’s Chicken operators also use WAND’s hardware (screens, players and brackets) to display menus in its stores.

This is the third time WAND has been asked to attend the Excellence in Leadership Conference. As part of its participation WAND will be raffling off two full sets of menus (four boards each) during the show, which operators can register for at the Church’s marketing team’s booth.

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