Arby’s Franchisee Chooses NextGen POS

Eden Prairie, Minnesota-12 March, 2010. WAND Corporation announced today its successful install of a NextGen POS solution with Carisch, Inc., an Arby’s franchisee. They are the first Arby’s franchisee to pilot test WAND NextGen POS®. WAND’s NextGen POS® solution has been designed specifically for QSR’s to address their main concerns like customer satisfaction and increasing the average guest check, while also meeting needs like reducing food costs and streamlining labor management for franchisees.

Chief Operating Officer and spokesperson for WAND Corporation, Greg Perrill said, “This represents a milestone for us as the first time NextGen POS® is outside of the Wendy’s community. We are pleased to be working with Carisch. While not our first QSR partner in the Arby’s world, they represent a superb opportunity for an internationally-respected brand to move forward with WAND Corporation and we look forward to great things with the Arby’s community.” Carisch, Inc. is headquartered in Wayzata, Minnesota, and has over 70 restaurants in eight states. WAND owes this cooperation to a partnership with the larger Arby’s community that has lasted for almost a decade.

WAND’s creative team was responsible for the unique digital images displayed on the customer-facing side of POS terminals and overall visual look of NextGen POS®. Benefits of NextGen POS® include: conversational ordering with order confirmation, labor management, and advanced food costing modules. These benefits help stores deliver more products to customers and less to trash cans, ultimately improving the bottom line. Sales data and marketing actions are integrated into the application, along with web-based remote management of sites.

About Carisch, Inc.
Carisch, Inc. is a Wayzata, Minnesota-based Arby’s franchise with more than 70 stores in eight states. Built around the core values of, “Dream big, work hard, play fair, get it done” and “Make a difference and have fun”, Carisch, Inc. is the second-largest Arby’s franchisee.

About WAND Corporation
WAND Corporation is the global technology leader for the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry working with some of the most known world-class brands today. Delivering on our mission to be the greatest restaurant management and technology partner in the world, WAND has experienced double digit growth in each of the past 10 years. To further our growth and our QSR Partners’ success, our vision is to revolutionize worldwide restaurant operations through technology, services, and data. For more information on WAND Corporation, please visit our website at

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