Preparing for the FDA Menu Labeling: Part Five of Five

Over the past few years, many QSR and Fast Casual concepts have made the switch to Digital Menu Boards in preparation for the upcoming FDA menu labeling requirements. In some states it’s actually already been a requirement for them to meet this mandate.

One of the first questions we get from customers who have made the switch is “now what?” It is easy to put static content on a digital menu board but the real value is in optimizing your assets for the digital medium.  There are endless content strategies that can be employed to maximize product awareness and drive customer behavior.

Below are a few general digital menu board pro tips:WAND Pretzelmaker FDA Menu Compliant

Make them dynamic. There is a reason humans like to watch TV: we’re attracted to dynamic video content. Incorporate dynamic content such as videos and animated movement into your menu boards. It can be a big bold statement if that is on brand or it can be something as simple as showing the steam coming off a cup of coffee. Either way, incorporating movement into your content makes your menu boards more engaging.

Keep animations short and sweet. Just like the typical TV commercial, customers have a tolerance for motion graphics. We advise clients to have promos running for no more than 15 seconds each.

Use all your screens. There are very few restaurants that have just one menu board, typically there are between four to six screens per location. Take advantage of multiple-screens to create unique video content that uses all of them. An example is the full-board take over where all your screens suddenly cut to a short promo for an LTO or special exclusive, in-store only content. It’s a great way to get customers attention and build product awareness.

Change them frequently. With static boards, rolling out an LTO can be cumbersome, time-intensive and costly. With digital you have the ability to update content quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily if you choose. Changing up offers frequently allows you to get the most profitable promos and items in front of your best customers on a regular basis. Plus, you have the flexibility to add or remove content to quickly address supply situations and compliance needs. The power is in your hands.

When you invest in Digital Menu Boards, make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. Hold a brainstorming session with your creative team, look at your marketing calendar and really think about how you can use this channel to increase sales and profits.