Preparing for the FDA Caloric Menu Labeling: Part Three of Five

As we’ve been working through updating our customers’ Digital Menu Boards for the upcoming FDA caloric menu labeling requirements deadline, there’s something really awesome I’ve noticed: lots of restaurants are making the caloric count requirement work for them by creating some truly fantastic promotions in their restaurants.
WAND POP ChickenI thought I’d share a few calorie count promotional ideas of my own to help get you thinking about creative ways you could use this requirement to your advantage in your QSR or Fast Casual restaurant.

5 Under 500
Think about offering something with a clever alliteration such as 5 under 500. This type of promotion is short and catchy and allows you to highlight a number of menu items at once. It’s also easy for customers to grasp the concept right away so if they are in a rush and calorie conscious they can quickly decide what they want.

Daily Calorie Buster
If you have Digital Menu Boards a good promo idea is a daily or weekly Calorie Buster where you can highlight a different menu item that is a lower calorie option for customers to choose. With a name like Calorie Buster you could run some pretty cool dynamic video content to really grab customers’ attention.

Mix ‘n Match 400 Calorie Combos
Customers like to have things created customized for them so another fun idea is to do some sort of mix and match menu where they can choose a couple items to match together to equal a certain calorie amount. It allows you to let your customers choose the menu items they want at the calorie count they desire.

100 Calorie Power Ups
Another idea is to do something like a 100 Calorie Power Up menu, a short list of menu items for customers to choose from. A promo like this is great for adding extra items onto meals and is good for customers who are just stopping for a beverage or dessert. It’s also an easy thing to add onto an order.

I encourage everyone in the QSR/Fast Casual restaurant industry to take a look at how you are embracing calorie counts in your stores in lieu of the FDA caloric menu labeling requirement. When you apply a bit of creativity and have fun with your brand customers will respond and your sales will ultimately increase.