When leading Mexican and Tex Mex restaurant Moe’s Southwest Grill wanted to find a cost efficient way to change menu prices and create a more “with the times” store design it turned to WAND digital menu boards.


With more than 600 stores nationwide, new promos running every 6-10 weeks, market tests quarterly, price changes annually and the FDA caloric count requirements looming, Moe’s needed a way to easily and consistently update its menu across hundreds of locations. In its current set-up, using printed magnetic boards, it took too long to change and ship menus and it was a cumbersome process for marketing to manage.

To make the process of managing menus easier, Moe’s turned to WAND digital menu boards. Using WAND’s creative services team to create the menus and its Total Restaurant Management (TRM) platform to build and manage the menus, Moe’s was able to set-up a simplified process for making menu updates.


Created for multi-unit restaurant chains that routinely change prices, LTOs and menu items, the TRM platform has allowed Moe’s to easily and instantly make changes to its menus across multiple restaurant locations. It has also allowed Moe’s to customize its menus by store region, operating company and specific locations, allowing franchise operators more flexibility and dexterity with their menus.

In addition to the ease of use of TRM, the WAND digital menus have given Moe’s restaurants a cleaner, more modern store design. So much so that all new Moe’s restaurants are being built with WAND digital menu boards installed.

Digital menus are more convenient, cost effective on the back-end and help restaurants stay up-to-date; but the ability to make changes immediately is by far the greatest benefit.”  Tiffany Wilkes Director of Marketing, Moe’s Southwest Grill

Featured: Moe’s Southwest Grill in Roswell, Georgia