Marketing Agencies: Tips for Creating Digital Menu Boards

Many restaurants are making the switch from using static menu boards to creating Digital Menu Boards to increase sales. As they are doing this they may be engaging their agency of record to create and manage their digital menu board content. If you’re an agency who finds yourself in this situation, congratulations! Digital Menu Boards are a powerful medium and allow you to do some awesome things.

Here are some tips for creating Digital Menu Boards content for your clients:

1. Use Existing Assets. One great thing about digital is you don’t have to allocate huge additional budgets to get great content. Use your current campaign or brand assets (static imagery, broadcast files, online videos, etc.) to create dynamic in-store experiences for your customers on your menu boards. If you’re running a 30 second TV spot for a limited time offer, consider creating a companion promo that runs in store on your client’s menu boards. With very little design and editing effort you now have an additional touch point driving clients to conversion.

2. Incorporate Motion Graphics. Motion graphics can be a powerful stimulus that attracts attention to individual products or zones of a digital menu board. When you’re designing boards for your clients, identify key products and/or desired behaviors and put emphasis on those items and spaces via animated content. These special animated treatments on daily specials, add-ons, or combo upgrades can really grab customer attention and are intended to increase average check.

3. Create Big Experiences that are Meaningful. If you’ve got a number of screens and some exciting content consider executing a full digital menu board takeover. During this takeover you can run one 10-15 second promo in unison across all screens for a big impact or you may choose to use each screen individually, featuring a message build approach. It is important to really understand your target demographic and the delicate timing balance between showcasing product/pricing versus promotional messages. Understanding this “sweet spot” will ensure your clients get the big idea without interrupting the ordering process.

4. Discover the Power of Video Walls. The use of video walls is a rapidly growing concept and incorporating a full video wall can be a huge opportunity for brands to look fresh and modern. Video walls are a great delivery mechanism for brand and product messaging and they also upgrade the look and feel of the restaurant environment. This is truly a product where form meets function.

5. Understand Compliance Needs. The FDA caloric menu-labeling requirement may have been extended but it is really only a matter of time. Be sure you’re designing with caloric fields in mind for your clients as you make the switch from static to digital. They’ll appreciate the proactive efficiency effort and that will make your agency look like a bunch of superheroes.