WAND’s talented staff and partners work hard to ensure you have a smooth, successful installation and onboarding experience. We need your help with a few items that are specific to your location. They are…

Power and Data Cabling

Please ensure that non-switched power receptacles and data cabling runs are active and located in the correct locations prior to the arrival of the digital menu board installation team. We’re happy to review construction plans and provide feedback to your high and low voltage contractors for your specific site layout.

Structural Considerations

The days of console televisions weighing 200 pounds are well behind us, and current displays and mounting solutions continue to decrease in weight. Still, with the safety of your staff and your guests as a primary consideration, digital menu boards require secure, stable mounting surfaces.

The majority of digital menu boards are wall mounted, but mounting your digital menu boards on a cosmetic soffit or from the ceiling can provide a distinguishing architectural touch to your store’s overall look and feel. The potential tradeoff is the need for your general contractor or building supervisor to address structural reinforcement needs.

The information below is a general guide to structural reinforcement needs. WAND is happy to review construction plans and provide feedback to your contractors for your specific site layout. Don’t hesitate to call or email with questions.

Wall and Soffit Mounting

Mounting surfaces must have adequate internal structure to support the distributed weight of the displays and the mounting solution. The exact weight and necessary structure depends on the size and quantity of displays at your location. In general, your contractor should plan to include appropriate backing.

Mounting Methods

The construction of an individual building will determine what additional structural considerations are necessary for safe, secure mounting of digital menu boards.

The first step is to determine the surface/structure to which you’ll be mounting digital menu boards. For example, solutions from WAND’s partner Chief include:


Wood Joists









The second step is to determine the column length necessary to achieve the final desired digital menu board height. Options from Chief range from 6” to greater than 10’ in length.

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