Four Major Project Management Tasks for Installing Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are one part marketing, one part IT and one part operations – a powerful combination. As such, they require strong project management to get up and running.

Whether you’re installing digital menu boards yourself for the first time or you’re working with a company specializing in them it’s important to understand the tasks needed to install properly.

Here are the four major project management tasks of Digital Menu Boards.

WAND Whole Foods Install

1. Planning. During the planning stage you’ll want to establish a schedule for multiple store installation and scope out the work for each site. Remember, each site can vary considerably based on their location, layouts and needs. A good rule of thumb is it takes 30 days to deploy domestically and 50 days internationally. Always plan for the unforeseen (inclement weather, contractor no shows, etc.) when making your schedule.

2. Construction. Work on this stage will start with a detailed site survey where you will want to obtain photos and take physical measurements, including where you expect the displays to be positioned and where the computer hardware will be located. An infrastructure should also be conducted to verify power and data infrastructure, Internet reliability, structural integrity, air flow and network connectivity for data lines. Be sure to confirm orientation (vertical or horizontal) and that the boards are positioned for optimal viewing angles.

3. Installation. After construction is done, the next step is to plan for the installation of the displays and accompanying gear. It is helpful to get drawings and specs from the equipment provider and make sure that the order is accurate for things like display size, mount type, pole, unistrut, rail length, and cable length (CAT5 and HDMI). Be sure the appropriate tools and hardware are used and all items are installed correctly (your partner should be able to manage this).

4. Content. With planning, construction and installation complete now it’s time for the fun stuff – getting awesome content on those boards! Be sure to start with a content strategy. Everything that is displayed in your store needs to align with a purpose. What are you hoping to achieve with your displays? DMBs can be used to:

  • Expedite speed of service
  • Educate customers about your brand
  • Promote high margin/specialty/easy to make items
  • Enhance the customer experience
    • A board displaying bright, high-definition video or hi-res pictures is your best bet to catch their eye.
    • Video showing close-ups of one of your hot menu items is very effective in whetting appetites and influencing purchasing behavior. Be sure to also inform customers about choices, limited time offers (LTOs) and promotions.

What other tips do you have to add for installing Digital Menu Boards?