Five Reasons Your QSR Restaurant isn’t Attracting Millennials

WAND-TeamIf you work in the QSR restaurant industry, you know how fierce the competition is, especially for millennials. This buying segment is large, hungry and very brand loyal. Unfortunately, they can also be difficult to attract.

The most fundamental thing you can do to attract millennials is offer high quality food and great customer service. Beyond that, there are also some simple things you can do with current technology to attract this coveted buying group.

Beyond your food and customer service, here are five biggest reasons your QSR restaurant may not be attracting millennials:

  1. You Aren’t Offering Free Wi-Fi. Let’s start with something basic, yet often overlooked. Millennials are on their mobile and tablet devices constantly, so having an immediate, free Wi-Fi connection is an easy way to attract them. If you don’t offer free Wi-Fi, get it. If you already have it, promote it. Post it on signage in your restaurant, on your website and even via your social channels.
  1. You Don’t Offer Digital-Loyalty Rewards. A whopping 50% of millennials say having digital loyalty and rewards programs is important to limited service restaurants. In short, millennials want (and expect) to be rewarded for frequenting your store. This is the video game generation; they are used to getting points for performing repetitive actions. The more you can reward them for visiting your store, the more millennials you are going to attract.
  1. You Aren’t Using Digital Menu Boards. Customers walk into QSRs and expect to see digital menus, millennials more so than others. Not only do they like digital menus because lines typically move quicker and orders are placed faster, but also because they expect to be entertained. Digital menus, especially in the drive-thru, offer a new way for millennials to engage with brands longer and enhance the overall dining experience.
  1. You Don’t Have Mobile Ordering. More than a third of consumers look at restaurant menus on mobile devices once a month. That’s a huge audience. The millennials in that audience not only want to look at your menu but they want to make their order immediately, right there, on the spot. This is an audience that has had immediate gratification their entire lives. Give it to them by giving them an option to order right online and easily pick up at your restaurant.
  1. You Don’t Accept Mobile Payments. Contactless payment technology is booming right now. Companies are employing EMV readers with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Millennials are more likely to use mobile payments than other demographics so it’s important to offer this technology. Again, post the fact that you offer mobile payments on your website and on signs in your restaurant.

When you embrace technology in your restaurant it goes a long way towards attracting millennials. Fortunately the QSR and Fast Casual restaurant industry is more advanced than most when it comes to technology, but there’s always room to improve.