Your restaurant’s menu is important, but how you display your culinary team’s creations is every bit as crucial as the ingredients you use and the vendors you choose. Whether your place is a quick service restaurant or fast casual, if you are looking to increase revenue and improve customer experience, digital menu boards offer a bevy of options for connecting with consumers.

WAND Corporation’s fast food digital menu boards are customized solutions for the complex issues facing your eatery — empowering you to produce appealing displays that are on-brand, attractive and effective.

Why Choose WAND


Strategic fast food menu board design can transform low-turnover items into big sellers by thrusting them into the spotlight. Upload assets and push promotions live with the simple press of a button. Instantaneous publishing means your menu board is always up to date, better ensuring customer satisfaction and in-the-moment adjustments whenever necessary. Highlight new menu additions, push seasonal selections, and encourage guests to train their eyes on more highly profitable sections of your menu. Employ color psychology to stimulate your audience’s appetite or keep patrons calm while they’re in line. You can even schedule new product launches during peak times to maximize impact and word-of-mouth to scale quickly and generate impressive ROI.


As your portfolio of stores grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage every outlet effectively. Our digital menu boards operate as part of a platform that links all your brick-and-mortar establishments. Review your efforts concept by concept, tweak details at the franchisee level, or make changes to your entire concept and filter them to all your stores immediately. The integration of tech-driven images allows you to repurpose content from traditional marketing channels, too. As you streamline promotional efforts, you’re also saving time and uniting your brand messaging. Having a cohesive menu from store to store and across both traditional and digital platforms inspires confidence. Solidify your branding and watch sales soar.

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Your diners aren’t just evaluating their meal, they’re also rating your establishment based on everything from menu legibility to overall ambiance. Speed is essential, too, whether you are a quick service restaurant handing customers their meals at the counter, or a fast casual place delivering their dining delights tableside after they order at the counter. Either way, your customer likely is in a hurry and wants to look over the menu quickly. So go ahead and deliver a five-star experience by showcasing your menu using motion graphics, animation and HTML5.

With technology on your side, the possibilities are as wide-ranging as they are exciting:

  • Display average wait time
  • Flash a customer’s name when his or her order is ready
  • Run mini-commercials, stream social posts, or include games to help entertain guests while they wait and/or dine
  • Tailor promotions to match the time of day, season or local events — helping guests find what they crave most
  • Display and edit calorie counts
  • Share customer-provided images to encourage engagement

To discover how WAND Corporation’s digital menu boards can help re-imagine your fast food restaurant menu, click here to contact our sales team or get a quote. From conceptualizing the initial fast food menu design through ongoing 24/7 customer support, we’re changing how our customers satisfy their clients as well as their bottom lines.

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