Digital Menu Starter Solution

The WAND Digital Menu Starter Solution has everything you need to implement digital menu technology. Designed for restaurant operators interested in a self-service solution, our digital menu solution comes with the ability to design your menu using expertly crafted templates, consumer-grade screens, and a wealth of other tools so you can install and get started ASAP.

Why Transition to Digital Menus?

The status quo may feel comfortable, but with big changes come huge benefits:

Better ROI

Digital menus help influence the buyer’s journey — encouraging faster customer turnover, pulling more sales, and directing diners to higher margin items. Restaurants with digital menus also create more buzz, make longer-lasting impressions, and broadcast important brand messaging — all of which pay dividends long after the customer has left the building.

Unparalleled immediacy

Static menus require tedious and costly reprinting to incorporate ingredient changes or accommodate chef specials, but you can change your digital menu from anywhere and at any time to reflect anything from a spontaneous breakfast promotion to a life-changing world event.

Naf Naf Menu
Seafood Menu

Easier upsells

Increased profits and boosted check averages go hand in hand, but relying solely on staff upsells can be problematic. Use your digital menu to display promotional offers and high-margin add-ons, planting the seed for additional purchases long before the customer hits the counter.

Improved customer experience

Long wait times and confusing menus can derail a guest’s experience in your restaurant before he or she even has a chance to order. In addition to meeting the expectations of an increasingly tech-driven consumer base, digital menus provide entertainment and clarity.

The WAND Digital Menu Starter Solution: A Budget-Friendly Way to Embrace Innovation

Complex digital menu platforms have their place, but single-unit restaurants need a digital menu software option that fits their needs and their budget. The WAND Digital Menu Starter Solution offers the essentials a restaurant requires to make use of digital menu technology — power and performance in an accessible format that neither skimps nor overwhelms.

WAND Menu Builder

With the WAND Menu Builder, what you see is what you get. Enjoy a user-friendly editor that allows maximum control with minimal fuss. Create custom menus, save your designs to the asset library, then use them in campaigns or export as JPEG images to a separate storage device.

Self Installation

From brackets to bolts, we give you everything you need for the physical installation of your new digital menu setup — just unpack and install.

Email Support

Ditch the guesswork, stress and frustration. The WAND Starter Solution comes with email support available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

WAND Starter Solution

Ready to go digital? Explore our DIY solution created just for single-store operators. Your package includes:
  • Consumer-grade displays
  • Storage device primed for consumer content
  • All brackets, mounts, and cables
  • Self-installation guide
  • Support for imaging files
  • Standard email support
  • Intuitive WAND menu builder tool

Interested in exploring your other options? WAND Corporation offers a host of cutting-edge digital menu solutions designed to help clients streamline operations, fine-tune guest satisfaction, and exponentially increase sales.

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