Digital Menu Essentials Solution

For restaurants seeking a turn-key solution for implementing and managing their digital menus, there’s the WAND Digital Menu Essentials package.Eliminate guesswork and get your new digital menu system up and running quickly. The Essentials solution includes access to our industry-leading WAND TRM platform, which gives you the ability to:

Instantly update and schedule content

Implement video content and animations

Set up day parts

See what’s playing from anywhere, on any device

In short, manage your empire — no matter how big or small — from the palm of your hand or your desktop computer. Let your menu software fit your demanding schedule. We also provide professional installation to ensure your menu is cohesive, easy to read and in keeping with your restaurant’s modern look. For even more functionality, add WAND Digital Agency services and discover new and exciting ways to create dynamic, engaging content to fuel sales.

Digital Menus and the WAND TRM Difference

Digital menus are sales and service powerhouses. Upgrade from static, paper-based menus and open a wealth of possibilities:

Increase ROI

Printing and shipping static menus can be expensive. Digital menus pay for themselves quickly — thanks to rising sales, lower labor and printing expenses, and promotional efforts targeting higher-margin menu items.

Simplify maintenance and content updates

With digital menus, you can update the display any time you want from almost any device. This agile approach to restaurant sales allows you to fine-tune your offerings to align with specific day parts, holidays or special events — or respond to inventory shortages or overages with impressive immediacy (and no glitches or blackouts).

Build your brand

Increase cohesion from store to store with digital menus that share messaging, colors, graphics and ideas. Introduce your loyalty program and nurture customer relationships, increase awareness of other locations or concepts, underline your company’s core values, and create rapport by turning the spotlight on your team members and satisfied customers.

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Upsell with ease

Focus on incremental sales and maximize each guest visit. Introduce customers to key add-ons well before they hit the counter, using interactive displays and multimedia content to grab attention.

Improved customer experience

Entertain and educate guests with tech-driven, visually interesting displays. Create engaging videos detailing your brand story, show how your signature dish is made, or highlight the provenance of all your ingredients. From sharing the calorie content of your dishes to clearly identifying allergens, the possibilities are practically endless.

WAND TRM Platform

Choose the WAND Digital Menu Technology Platform (TRM) and gain complete control over your menus. View and schedule content at the corporate, franchisee or store level; access advanced day-parting functionality; and make changes instantly from any device.

Professional Installation

Get off on the right foot with professional installation and ensure your menus are built well and look great.

Email Support

When questions arise, find answers courtesy of email support, available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

WAND Essentials Solution

Our simple, all-in-one solution supplies remarkable capability:
  • Premium, consumer-grade displays
  • Multifaceted media player
  • All required brackets, mounts and cables
  • Professional installation
  • Integrated support for HTML/video/image files
  • Email-based client support
  • WAND menu-builder tool
  • WAND TRM platform

WAND Digital Agency

No other agency has more experience or has produced the same level of results for customers like the WAND Digital Agency. Our team is dedicated to digital menu design and has the experience, insights, and best practices you need to be successful.

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