Digital Menu Enterprise Solution

The WAND Digital Menu Enterprise solution is our most popular package that provides unmatched capabilities and service for all your restaurants. It includes commercial-grade hardware that is guaranteed for 5-years, premium 24/7/365 support, and advanced menu capabilities and integrations. It comes with access to all features in our industry-leading WAND TRM platform, which in addition to the ability to instantly update and schedule content, implement video content and animations, set-up day-parts, and see what is playing from anywhere on any device, you can also set-up synchronized and simultaneous video content and integrate directly with your POS system. We also provide professional installation to ensure your menus add a professional and modern look to your restaurant. With this package, you can add-on WAND Digital Agency services to help you create dynamic and engaging content to help you grow sales.

WAND TRM Platform

Our digital menu technology platform (TRM) gives you complete control over your menus. You can view and schedule content at a corporate, franchisee, or store-level, access advanced day-parting functionality, and make changes instantly from any device.

5-Year TechProtect

Our industry-leading service plan gives you peace of mind with a 5-year hardware guarantee. If you experience any problems, a technician will be there the next business day to repair or replace your equipment at no additional cost.

24/7/365 Support

This solution comes with 24/7/365 US-based technical support available by phone, online, or through the WAND mobile app.

WAND Enterprise Solution

A complete digital menu solution for restaurants looking to grow sales
  • Commercial-Grade Displays
  • Commercial-Grade Media Player
  • All brackets, mounts, and cables
  • Professional Installation
  • HTML/video/image files supported
  • Premium 24/7/365 Support
  • WAND menu builder tool
  • WAND TRM Platform
  • 5-Year TechProtect
  • WAND Digital Mobile App
  • Ability to sync content
  • Available POS integration

WAND Digital Agency

No other agency has more experience or has produced the same level of results for customers like the WAND Digital Agency. Our team is dedicated to digital menu design and has the experience, insights, and best practices you need to be successful.

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