Easily roll out new menu items and LTOs. See what’s playing at all your restaurants at all times. Ensure complete brand consistency and uniformity across all stores. 

It’s time to gain complete control of your brand at all levels of your restaurant. WAND Digital Menu Boards make it easy for you to see what menus are displayed at all restaurants, at all times. And even better, you can roll out new menu items or LTOs across all your stores, with the click of a button. Plus, our digital menus allow you to give franchise operators the ability to change prices and menu content on-the-fly so they can market the right items to the right customers at the right time. 

WAND is the undisputed leader in digital menu boards in the Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurant segments. We urge you to read on to learn why concepts of all sizes trust WAND.

 Blue-GlobeEasily roll out new items and LTOs

By far the greatest benefit of WAND digital menus is the ability to quickly and easily push out new menu items and LTOs across all locations, regions or individual stores. Using our Total Restaurant Management (TRM) software you can upload assets, create menus and push them live within minutes. Got a new menu item you want to test? New national LTO to roll-out? New regional promo you want to go live in certain stores? Simply upload your assets, choose your stores and click go. It’s that easy. Plus you can use advanced dayparting options to make sure you’re promoting exactly the right menu item automatically at exactly the right time during the day.

Anytime-ReportingSee what’s playing at your stores

WAND digital menus are the only way to know what menu items and promotions are being displayed at your stores at all times. With TRM you can easily view campaigns at a concept level, franchisee level or store level. You can view what menus are live and which promotions are scheduled. Our software gives you complete line of sight as to what’s playing at each store. And the best part is, if you want to change it, you can do so instantly. You no longer have to wait weeks to print a static menu, ship it out and hope your franchisees and store managers display it in their stores. You have total control to display the menu you want to show, instantaneously.

 DMBICON-HoverEngage your customers

The key to a great omnichannel marketing strategy is the ability to engage your customers across all media at all times; including their visit to your restaurants. Digital menus help you extend your brand messaging into the store and engage customers in new and exciting ways. A subtle movement is all it takes to draw customer’s attention to the most highly profitable areas of the menu. Well-timed promotional takeovers allow you to engage customers into the marketing messaging and LTOs that matter most to you and your brand. WAND digital menus use rich media, motion graphics, animations and HTML5, allowing you to easily repurpose the content you are creating for TV, web and print for the digital medium.

  EngineeredGive franchisees more control

Restaurant franchisees have a tough job. They’ve got to turn a profit and stay financially solvent in the uber competitive market. WAND digital menus not only help restaurant franchisees better compete by offering a more “with the times” store design, but they give them more control over their menu. With our digital menus franchisees can easily change menu prices as needed to manage their business. And for a franchisee with tight margins, the ability to increase a menu price by as little as a nickel during a rush period can mean a nice boost in daily profits.

“WAND consistently delivers brilliant creative and their turnkey digital solution allows for a seamless implementation process, both nationally and internationally. ”
Mike Mader, SVP Global Strategy, Church’s Chicken


We create software that’s easy to use and learn

We pride ourselves on offering software that’s easy to use and learn. Whether it’s a digital content artist or a store operator, our interface is intuitive and straight forward for all types of users. Our software development teams constantly receives input from the customers that spend time using our software every day, so we can create a better user experience for the people who use it most. Plus, we offer on-site and remote training so all users know exactly how to use the software to do their jobs well.


We design award winning digital menus

While we don’t require customers to use our creative agency, we are here if you need us. Our team of designers are specifically trained in the digital medium (rich media, motion graphics, animations). And menus are what they do; day in and day out (trust us, they get pretty hungry!). Because digital menus are their sole focus they’re able to create award-winning compelling and enticing digital content that give your menus the movement and design they need to represent your brand and engage your customers.

We provide 24/7/365 customer support

Because we work exclusively with restaurants, we understand your unique needs. Your biggest periods are evenings, weekends and holidays so a nine to five Monday through Friday help desk won’t cut it. That’s why we offer a 24/7/365 help desk to assist you when you need it most. Plus, we work hard to make sure you’re successful with adopting digital menus in your organization. From franchisee education to creative menu consults to store layout and design recommendations, we use a strong implementation program to make sure you’re successful.