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When it comes to digital menu technology, not all solutions are created equal. Putting a static menu on a TV screen isn’t enough to drive the results that restaurant owners are looking for. To help prove this, WAND conducted a test with a major deli concept to show the impact of our unique technology and creative solution. The sales results were measured across over 70 locations with half utilizing WAND’s digital menu technology and creative design, and half using static menus. The results showed that the deli concept could influence over $2 million of increased sales in their stores by utilizing WAND’s solution.

The Challenge: How to influence customer behavior to drive orders of featured items and add-on purchases to increase average check size.

The Result: An increase in average check size of 6% in stores using WAND’s technology and creative


Our Industry-leading software solution gives customer’s full control to customize and edit their menu’s in real-time. The system is fully scalable across one store or thousands, and is cloud-based, meaning customers can access their system online from any device and make changes within minutes. Day-parting is done automatically to change between breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour or snack times.

Industrial grade hardware is specifically built to withstand the challenges of a restaurant environment. WAND works with leading manufacturers to provide customers with hardware built for heat, moisture, dust and other factors, including the need to be up and running all day, every day. WAND’s unique TechProtect solution also guarantees all hardware for 5 years, and if there is ever an issue, it is repaired or replaced on the next business day.

Creative design by WAND Digital Agency, which is fully dedicated to creating powerful menus that drive sales lift for restaurants. Our experienced and award-winning team of designers work with customers to provide the right solution to help meet their business objectives.

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