Case Study: Church’s Chicken of New Mexico

Leveraging digital menu board technology to increase sales, manage labor costs, and assist in employee training efforts.

When Carolyn Conner, a franchise owner for Church’s Chicken in New Mexico, noticed that sales at each of her four locations had stagnated, she knew it was a problem she needed to address quickly. Part of the problem, she believed, was that her employees struggled with upselling at the cash register despite the time and effort she poured into training them to do so.

She needed a business solution that could help her address this issue in a way that was economical and scalable for all four of her Church’s Chicken locations. READ MORE >>

3 Ways to Measure Your Campaign Success with Digital Menu Technology

You have committed to the investment of digital menu technology. You have menu boards installed and running in your restaurants. You have poured all of your creativity and resources into your content. Now it’s time to see if all your effort was worth it. How can you track and measure the effectiveness of your digital menu campaigns?

Luckily, there are several ways to gauge the success of a campaign with WAND’s digital menu boards. Use these tips to tweak your marketing strategy and make sure your business decisions are bringing you the boost in revenue that you’re looking for. READ MORE >>

Motion motivates.

digital menu boards

Achieve your business goals using video on your digital menu boards.

Our eyes were designed from day one to see motion. Using our peripheral vision to help us spot a food source or a potential predator were the key to survival, motivating us to move – closer or further away. Today, this survival mechanism might help us in different situations but it still definitely exists. It only makes sense as a business owner to apply this same principle and give consumers what their eyes seek – a motivation to move to action. Digital menu boards provide the perfect avenue to bring motion into your business through the use of video. READ MORE >>

How digital menu boards {positively} impact perceived consumer wait time.

Wait a minute!

People hate waiting! This is a statement that seems to be true for everybody, whether it’s waiting at the doctor’s office, waiting for the elevator, or waiting in line at a restaurant. Some may think that time is a constant, that waiting ten minutes is the same regardless of the situation. In reality waiting is less about the actual time spent waiting and more about the perceived amount of time spent waiting. This is why you often find a full magazine rack or a fish tank in your doctor’s office waiting room. These items are there for a reason, to busy and preoccupy the customers and make their experience more pleasurable and their perceived wait time less.READ MORE >>

Why TV Screens Don’t Work As Digital Menus

“Can I purchase a TV, plug in a jump drive, and run my menu using Power Point?”

This is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive about digital menus at WAND Corporation.

Sure, this approach – jump drive and TV screen – may work for some very small restaurant operators, but it is definitely not a feasible, long-term solution for multi-unit restaurant concepts or restaurant operators who desire worry-free, reliable equipment in their restaurants. If you want to use Digital Menu Technology, investing in commercial grade screens is key. Here’s why…READ MORE >>

WAND Digital Menu Boards Save You Money!

Digital Menu Boards provide up to 95% cost savings over Static Menu Boards for WAND customers.

If you’re a restaurant owner or operator, you probably already know that switching to digital menu boards helps amplify the customer experience and reduce perceived customer wait time by 15+%. But, did you know that switching to digital menu boards can actually save you money, too? We’re not talking just marginal savings. We’re talking about up to 95% cost savings over static menu boards, as reported recently by a WAND large concept restaurant brand.READ MORE >>

6 Ways to Easily Manage Content Across Multiple Locations

For many operators of Quick Service and Fast Casual restaurants, the logistical challenge of managing content across multiple locations can seem daunting and frustrating. The challenge is compounded for operators who travel frequently and need to update menu content outside their offices.

At WAND Corporation, Digital Menu Technology helps to solve this problem by offering ways for operators to conveniently and efficiently oversee their restaurants at any time from anywhere in the world – all at their fingertips. When using WAND’s Digital Menu Technology, consider these six tips for managing digital menu board content across multiple locations:READ MORE >>

3 Simple Ways to Minimize Product Waste with Digital Menu Technology

Four to 10 percent of food purchased by a restaurant is discarded before ever reaching a guest.

Each day, millions of pounds of food are thrown away by restaurants — much of it before it has even been touched by a customer. There’s no disputing that wasted product eats away at the profitability of any food service establishment. Not to mention the fact that consumers are now taking a more active role in reducing their own waste and supporting like-minded businesses who are doing the same.

Thankfully, in the world of quick-serve and fast casual restaurants, there are three ways that Digital Menu Technology can be applied to help in the quest to minimize product waste. Here are our top 3 tips for how to minimize waste at a restaurant with digital menu technology:READ MORE >>

The Purpose of Digital Signage: 6 Ways Digital Menus Drive Sales

It’s more than just what’s on the menu…

Digital menu technology isn’t just about electronic menu boards. It blends industry expertise, specialized creativity and advanced technology to tantalize your guests and boost profits. Simply put, digital’s dynamic imagery looks better and gets results. Plus, by going digital, you can impact in-store customer behavior like never before. Here are six reasons why digital signage is important, and how it can help you boost profits.READ MORE >>

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