What’s the ROI of Digital Menu Technology?

Improve Restaurant Operations, Increase Sales, and Create Positive Customer Experiences

The restaurant industry faces challenging times. Sales are down at traditional restaurant concepts both domestically and internationally, consumers are shifting how and where they spend money, and higher labor and commodity costs make for difficult operations. Tight margins and rapidly changing markets demand restaurants do something different to get sales and profits back on track. Digital Menu Technology creates a better customer experience, increases sales, and improves restaurant operations.

Introduction: Digital menu board ROI comes in many forms

Maximizing food, beverage, and dessert sales is a top priority for restauranteurs. Changing customer behavior at the point of sale predominately impacts consumer buying habits. Engaging customers in innovative ways captures interaction with your brand.

Your customers’ experiences from the moment they enter your restaurant contain multiple soft and hard ROI touch points and opportunities to positively impact both their purchasing behaviors and allegiances to your QSR or fast casual restaurants.

In addition to financial gains and customer experience, operations must be efficient. When it comes down to making a technology investment, it must be easy to operate, reliable and dependable, and versatile.

In this short guide, you’ll learn how your digital menu board strategy will more than pay for itself by:

  • Increasing sales margins by maximizing seasonal and LTO opportunities.
  • Promoting impulsive and up sell purchases through a dynamic digital marketing experience.
  • Improving the strength and impact of your brand.
  • Providing real time sales and campaign data to understand what is and is not working.
  • Eliminating the static menu costs associated with creative, printing, delivery and placement.