7 Awesome WAND TRM Hacks

Earlier this year we rolled out our updated interface in WAND TRM for Digital Menu Boards. As customers are still getting familiar with the new look and feel we thought we’d share some useful tricks to be more efficient in the system.

Here are seven WAND TRM hacks to try out:

WAND TRM Hacking1. Use overlays to avoid making additional campaigns. If your store and district level managers can take control of their own content, make overlays which they can modify instead of creating one-off campaigns to accommodate all content variations.

2. Use the Display Library for at a glance system health. The Display Library can tell you immediately how healthy your digital endpoints are with the status icon. Whether you’re a store manager, franchisee, or managing an entire brand’s operations, you can quickly and easily see where trouble points are with your digital menu boards.

3. Name your displays something you can recognize. Naming conventions like Digital Menu 1, 2, 3, etc. aren’t always easy to recognize. Try naming your displays based on the purpose they serve instead, like Salad Menu, Burger Menu, or Combo Menu to make it easier to identify displays on the go.

4. Inject instead of recreate for assets. If you work with your company’s media on digital menu boards, consider updating an already active asset with the new file version (injecting) instead of creating and deploying a new one. Uploading a new file into an asset and marking it as the target file will cause that new version of the asset to go live immediately anywhere the old version was already in use. This is great for content updates that will be configured the same as the previous version.

5. Create a default campaign. Even if you don’t actively utilize your default campaign anywhere in your digital ecosystem, create and deploy a default campaign that can take over if scheduling conflicts for content occur – this ensures that you’ll have maximum content uptime.

6. Preview campaigns by day of week. OK, you got us…this isn’t really a hack, just a super useful tool that is sometimes overlooked. When previewing a campaign from TRM, use the Day of Week picker in the preview panel to see how your content will look on any day of the week.

7. Debug mode. We saved the best for last – did you know that the WAND TRM Digital Client has a debug mode that will give you tons of useful information on device configuration? This client mode will show you relevant information to setting up and maintaining your digital menu boards. Debug mode can be turned on in the Device Management screen, or by pressing ctrl+F8 (half screen) or ctrl+shift+f8 (full screen) on your keyboard. Debug mode even comes complete with screen centering marks to make sure your content looks its very best!

Happy hacking!