7 Awesome Things You Can Do With Outdoor Digital Menu Boards


WAND offers a number of Xtreme™ Outdoor Digital Menu Boards in various sizes for restaurants to choose from.

With the recent influx of outdoor digital technologies into the market, we thought you needed to know just what a great opportunity outdoor Digital Menu Boards present. Outdoor digital menus are something we know well, having been working with them for more than a decade now, and with the launch of two new WAND outdoor digital solutions, now’s a great opportunity for us to share some of the things we’ve learned!

Here are seven awesome things you can do with outdoor Digital Menu Boards to improve both your customers’ experience….and your bottom line.

    1. Direct Traffic: If you operate a drive-thru, you know that getting folks to follow the ordering process, and to queue efficiently can have a big impact on a customer’s perception of quality. Digital menu boards can be used to display informational text to customers, telling them how to order, which service area to move to, and even how long they can expect to wait to be served.  Integrating way-finding into outdoor digital menu boards can not only increase your speed of service, it can help send your guests away feeling like you’re on top of your game.
      1. Influence Decision Making in Your Favor: Digital menus provide the unique opportunity to promote the right items at the right time. This holds true nowhere more than in the drive-thru. Do you have a line of 15 cars waiting to progress through the queue?  Change up your signage to promote items that can be prepped quickly and easily to speed up service. Is it 3pm, and your drive-thru is almost too quiet? Promote items that carry the highest margins to make the most of a slow time of day.
      1. Engage Your Guests with Your Brand: As you have probably seen in some of our other blogs, we know how to help you up your margins with digital menu content. The drive-thru presents the unique opportunity of playing to a ‘captive audience’ – sitting in line is always boring, but sitting in line in your car will have you looking for anything to entertain your eyes. Capitalize on the ever-growing consumption of digital media to let your guests get to know your brand – show off your amazing recipes, educate them on your brand, and take the opportunity to let them get to know you a little better while they’re visiting.
      1. Install Quickly: Five years ago, I would have been crazy to put this in a blog post! Outdoor digital hardware was large, heavy, and required specialized equipment to install. Today, two people can install an entire digital menu system in a matter of a few hours. If you can operate a socket wrench and a measuring tape, you’re officially qualified to install an outdoor Digital Menu Board.
      1. Spruce Up Your Order Confirmation: Did you know that you can integrate with a POS feed to display order confirmation on a digital menu? Even better, when you’re not using that space to make sure your customers get exactly what they’ve ordered, we can use it to promote items, deliver messaging, or let your customers see what’s going on inside the restaurant.
      1. Engage Your Customers as they order: Indoor Digital Menu Boards are great. They let you engage your customer right at the point of purchase, influencing their behavior in a remarkable way. But here’s the thing….the things that are great about indoor digital menu boards are magnified with outdoor digital menu boards. In an indoor ordering scenario, your guest is likely to look away from the menu board and face the register operator to place their order. In an outdoor ordering environment, that guest is going to continue staring at those beautiful digital displays the entire time, which means you can use techniques like suggestive upselling, guided ordering, and customer influence to their maximum potential!
      1. Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Restaurant: This one’s a no-brainer – Digital Menu Boards make a restaurant look more appealing to potential guests as they drive by. 29% of consumers report to MARC Research that they will bypass an unknown restaurant if it does not look visually appealing, regardless of the quality of the food they serve. That’s money out of your pocket, simply because your storefront doesn’t entice customers. By leveraging animation, vibrant colors, and brightly lit outdoor displays, you can entice more consumers into your restaurant with a beautiful look and feel that costs less than hiring a contractor to reface your entire building.

So there you have it folks – outdoor Digital Menu Boards are becoming more cost friendly, easier to install, easier to use, and above all else they can help your bottom line in the segment of your business that accounts for more than 2/3 of your overall revenue, and delight your customers at the same time!