4 Things You Can Do in WAND Digital Without Calling the Help Desk

WAND DIgital TRMThis week we’re talking about some cool things any WAND Corporation partner can quickly and easily do to impact the content on your WAND Digital Menu Boards, with little or no training, and without calling WAND for help.

Some folks still don’t know that many updates in WAND Digital can be made on the fly, and applied in real-time for those “ah o crud” moments when something’not quite right. The truth is, we’ve made turning “ah o crud” into a “oh cool” super easy.

1. You Can Make Prices Changes.
Price changes are one of the easiest things to do. Whether it’s a single change at one of your sites, or changing the entire pricing hierarchy across the brand, WAND Digital provides you the toolsets to see what prices are now, who’s using different pricing, and what changes are scheduled for the future.

2. You Can Update Your Content.
Most of WAND’s menu board layouts are designed to include overlays for regularly updated content. An overlay allows you to update a specific region of your display in real-time without affecting the overall structure of the content. This means that as promo items come and go, conditions in the store vary, or inventory fluctuates, you can control what your customers see. Overlays can be controlled store by store, allowing you to set unique content configurations for each location to maximize sales and customer engagement. This means that everyone from brand managers to store level managers (with permission, of course) can quickly and easily update content on the fly to maximize sales.

3. You Can Ensure Uptime.
It’s a topic that nobody likes, but we all have to be ready for: cables get unplugged, network connections go down, equipment breaks (albeit rarely!). With WAND Digital, you have the power to overcome these issues, and continue to show the right menu content to your customers, and be assured of uninterrupted revenue! Simply set up the new Uptime Plus feature for your menu boards (a one-time set up), and you will ensure that you’ll never have to worry when the hardware gremlins attack.

4. You Can Make Changes Using Your Mobile.
What happens if you don’t want to, or can’t, sit down at a desktop computer and use a web browser to update your Digital content? Many people don’t know you can use the TRM Mobile app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) to do everything discussed above, whether you are on the subway going home or sitting on the beach in Cancun. Download the TRM Mobile app at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If you have an active TRM account and WAND Digital Gold, you already have access to the app, and can be up and running in no time.

Be sure to take advantage of all the things you can do without having to pick up the phone and call support!