4 Cool Things Restaurant Franchisees Can Do With Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are one of the hottest trends in the QSR and Fast Casual restaurant industry which is why many corporations are investing in them to give their restaurant franchisees an edge over the competition.

Most franchisers have a pretty good idea for what menu boards can do for them but there are some totally awesome benefits of using digital menu boards a lot of people don’t know about.

Here are four of the coolest things restaurant franchisees can do with digital menu boards in their restaurants.

1. You can change your own menu board content
. The way digital menu boards work is corporate marketing creates different sets of promotional content (called “overlays”). As an operator you can pick and choose what overlays you want to run at your restaurant at any given time. You can even delegate this task to store managers so they have the power to change this content at any time. This type of autonomy is very empowering for store managers who then can make on-the-spot changes to update their menu boards to increase sales.

2. You can make updates from your mobile device. One of the biggest advantages of digital menu boards are they allow you to make changes to your menu board instantaneously from your mobile device (tablet or phone). This way if you’re visiting a restaurant and want to make a menu board change you don’t have to return to your office to do so, you can simply make the change on-the-spot. You can designate who controls the content to give your store managers access to do this as well.

WAND DIgital TRM3. You can change menu prices. Along with the ability to swap out complete promotional overlays you can also access your menu and adjust prices as needed. As we all know, price makes a huge difference so digital menu boards allow you to simply and quickly change prices. You can give store managers access to your digital menu boards as well if you wish to employer them to make on-the-spot changes to maximize profits.

4. You can stop worrying about product recalls and FDA compliance. One of the best things about digital menu boards is menu changes can be made at the individual restaurant level or at the corporate level. That means when there are changes affecting all menu boards across your brand like a product recall or a FDA mandate (such as the caloric counts menu labeling requirement) corporate will make the change once and roll it out to all restaurants. With Digital Menu Boards you don’t have to worry about pulling boards down or putting new boards up. The change is made by corporate instantaneously.