10 Ways to Increase Sales with Digital Menu Boards


As you know, one of the most powerful tools in your restaurant are your menu boards. Customers spend valuable minutes looking over these boards searching for their perfect meal or dessert.

A great menu board can make or break your business which is why so many restaurants have made the switch from static to dynamic digital boards. Digital menus allow you to customize your menus and make changes on-the-spot to increase your sales and profits.

Here are 10 ways you can increase sales with Digital Menu Boards:

1. Display the right promotions at the right time.
Got a holiday coming up? A heatwave on the way? A new product launch? Take a look at your calendar in advance and map out exactly what promotions you want to display. Then complement those with on-the-fl y updates as new promos come out.

2. Make critical price changes.
Once a quarter (if not more) analyze your menu prices to determine how profits are looking. Is there a price you may need to bump up or decrease? Sometimes just a small price change can make a huge impact over time.

3. Make the FDA (and customers) happy – be calorie compliant.
Follow the FDA’s mandate to display calorie counts on menu boards and be sure to update your boards with calorie counts. Not only will you make the FDA happy but customers will be happy as well. An added bonus is customers will spend more time looking at your menu boards as they determine how many calories to consume, so any special promotions or deals you have will jump out even more to them the longer they look.

4. Manage product recalls ASAP.
Ugh. Product recalls, not a fun task for anyone. Be sure to update your menu boards ASAP as soon as you get word of a product recall. Make sure to set up a process for your store, if you don’t have one already, for how to immediately pull product recalls off your menu. Be sure to communicate this process to all store management.

5. Adjust menus based on product availability.
When a product suddenly runs out and becomes unavailable it can be a nightmare for management. During your closing inventory check add a step for store management to update your menu boards if you are out of a product or close to running out.

6. Correct mispeelings.
Be sure to do a spot-check of your menu boards each time you update them and check for any misspellings. It only takes about 10 minutes but will save your staff from countless customers pointing out the spelling mistake on the menu.

7. Update product images.
They say you eat with your eyes so take a look at your menu board from the customer perspective and look for any product images that should be added, updated or removed. Choose product images that are the most mouthwatering, irresistible images to display.

8. Display your ingredients.
Most customers like to know what goes into their food. Take a look at your menu board and determine if there’s room to display ingredients. It might not work for everyone but if you’ve got a health-conscious, organic-loving clientele then it can make a big impact.

9. Share daily features.
Got something to share with your audience? A new product, store anniversary, employee birthday? Don’t be afraid to use space on your menu boards to show a daily feature or share something that’s important to you and your store

10. Complement guest buying habits.
You know your guest better than anyone else so be sure to audit your menu board and make sure it truly appeals to your customer. Not sure what they want? Get out of the office and spend some time chatting with customers as they’re looking at the boards. Getting direct customer feedback in the moment is invaluable.

When you make the switch to invest in digital menu boards make sure you’re using these tips to get the best return on your investment possible.