10 Things Restaurant Marketing Agencies Should Know About Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are one of the hottest opportunities in the QSR and Fast Casual restaurant space. If you are one of the many restaurant marketing agencies working with these types of restaurants they are definitely a medium you’ll want to know in and out.

WAND Digital Menu Board DisplayThe reason? They help brands better compete for critical foot traffic and solve real problems for restaurant operators. They also create new opportunities for marketing restaurant agencies working with these brands.

Here are the top ten things restaurant marketing agencies should know about digital menu boards.

1. They enhance the customer experience. Digital menu boards are an engaging space for relevant, visually appealing content. Vibrant digital displays capture the customer’s attention and hold it, just as television or videos do. Digital feels more modern and upscale in the store setting, and results in a more pleasant ordering and dining experience for customers.

2. They can be changed frequently. Corporate clients love that digital menu boards can be changed more easily and frequently than static boards. Whether they have a new product, new marketing campaign, or they want to test new products or change prices, it’s easy to do this using digital menu boards. They can easily roll out new content or test content to multiple sites with a click of a button. They can also change out messaging and new creative ideas as often as they want, monthly, weekly, or daily. Whatever schedule they prefer.

3. They support Omnichannel strategies. Digital menu boards sync enterprise media (web, television, mobile, in-store) to make menus part of a complete Omnichannel marketing strategy. Assets from a successful broadcast or print campaign can be optimized for the digital menu board medium so that all brand touch points are aligned and work harder for the brand.

4. They drive brand compliance. Nothing is worse than visiting one of your brand’s restaurants only to see an outdated or off-brand message displayed. Digital menu boards allow brands to control brand compliance at the corporate level so they can ensure the right content is playing at all times.

5. They create operational efficiencies that make you look smart. You know clients love when you save them money and make them look smart. Capitalize on all the benefits of digital as a way to open up new marketing opportunities and budgets for new projects.

6. They are agile to capitalize on local events. Another amazing benefit of digital menu boards is they can be altered quickly to take advantage of what’s happening in a market locally. For example, on a hot day the local operator can switch the promo board from a hot coffee promo to a cold coffee promo and increase conversion. If corporate controls allow, a regional manager can craft a custom LTO to celebrate local sports victories and drive in-store traffic.

7. They reduce perceived wait times. Perception is critical. Standing or sitting in line to order is more palatable when customers are entertained and distracted by cool video content, brand experiences and imagery. The reduction in perceived wait times means happier customers, even when lines are long.

8. They can help facilitate ordering. User-centered design in digital menu board campaigns can help customers make the right choices. Many companies are looking to simplify their menus to better impact consumer behavior and spending—digital makes implementation and management simpler. Motion graphics, special LTO zones and product highlights can help draw attention to high-revenue, specialty and unique product offerings.

9. They make it easy to comply with local and federal requirements. Digital menu boards allow for menu changes to be made quickly and across multiple sites at the same time. This makes the process of updating all menu boards to meet government requirements (such as the FDA caloric count menu labeling requirements) much simpler than on static boards. All boards can be updated at once with just a click of a button.

10. They’re innovative. Digital Menu Boards are a cool, unconventional medium to work with. You can concept, produce and deploy original content ideas that no one else is doing and in a unique medium. This is a great way to stand out and WOW your clients.